• Monday, May 20, 2024
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5 African countries with the best governance in 2024

5 African countries with the best governance in 2024

Amidst the political instability and governance challenges prevalent in Africa, several nations have successfully established robust governance systems prioritizing democracy, transparency, and inclusive development.

As of 2024, Mauritius, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, and Ghana have showcased remarkable commitment to these principles.

Their achievements serve as inspiring models for the continent, laying the foundation for sustainable growth, prosperity, and stability.

As Africa progresses, the invaluable lessons from these governance success stories will shape a brighter future for its people.

The governance index, established by World Economics, assigns equal weight to four criteria: governance, corruption perception, rule of law, and press freedom. This ensures that all these factors are considered equally important in determining a country’s overall governance score.

The index numbers provided are all rebased and presented on a scale from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating better conditions. For governance, a score of 0 represents poor governance, while 100 signifies the highest level achievable. Similarly, corruption perception is rated on a scale where 0 indicates a negative perception and 100 reflects a positive perception.

The rule of law is measured from 0 to 100, with lower values indicating a lower rule of law and higher values indicating a stronger rule of law. Press freedom is assessed on a scale where 0 represents limited press freedom and 100 signifies high press freedom. Political rights are graded from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating greater political rights.

The grade definitions are A: Very good, B: Good, C: Average, D: Poor, and E: Very poor.

Businessday reported that Libya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Burundi, and the Central African Republic rank as the top five countries in Africa with the worst governance in 2024

According to the World Economics governance index, 5 African countries with the best governance in 2024

Mauritius – Governance score index 69.3

Mauritius is a standout example of stability and progress in Africa. Mauritius sets a global standard for governance excellence. Its vibrant democracy, smooth transitions of power, and efficient legal system highlight its commitment to democratic values. Moreover, Mauritius’s prudent economic policies have attracted foreign investment, fostered growth, and promoted social inclusion. Its relentless efforts to combat corruption and enhance transparency further solidify its position as a beacon of good governance in Africa.

Namibia – Governance score index 69.1

Namibia stands as a prominent example of effective governance in Africa. Since gaining independence in 1990, Namibia has made significant progress in strengthening its democratic institutions and promoting inclusivity. The country has a vibrant multiparty political system with transparent, well-participated elections. Namibia’s commitment to good governance is evident through its robust legal framework, independent judiciary, and ongoing efforts to combat corruption.

South Africa – governance index 65.5

South Africa maintains a significant position in governance despite facing socio-economic challenges. An active civil society, independent media, and political engagement mark South Africa’s governance landscape. Even with challenges such as corruption and inequality, the country’s democratic institutions, including a free press and an independent judiciary remain robust.

Botswana – governance index 65.1

Botswana has upheld democracy since gaining independence, good governance, and the rule of law. Its political landscape features peaceful power transitions, consensus-building, and a strong respect for human rights. Botswana also has prudent economic management, robust institutions, and an anti-corruption stance that has fueled sustained development. Prioritizing sectors like education, healthcare, and infrastructure shows Botswana’s commitment to enhancing citizens’ quality of life while upholding democratic principles.

Ghana – governance index 61.7

Ghana is a beacon of democracy in West Africa. Despite challenges like corruption and fiscal deficits, Ghana has strengthened its democratic institutions, promoted political pluralism, and upheld the rule of law. With a vibrant civil society, a free press, and regular elections, Ghana showcases resilience in governance. Government efforts to enhance transparency, accountability, and inclusive growth signal a promising path towards sustainable development.