2023 election: Shun vote buying, ballot box snatching, violence

Nigerians have been advised to shun snatching of ballot boxes, vote buying and all forms of electoral misdeeds that can mar the forthcoming elections.

Speaking during Community Initiatives to Promote Peace (CIPP) programme organised by Mercy Corps in collaboration with USAID, Bitrus Dangiwa, director training in the Interfaith Mediation Centre, Kaduna, said as election is fast approaching, the issue of vote buying, ballot boxes snatching should be shunned.

Dangiwa called on CIPP representatives from participating local government areas of Lokoja, Igalamela and Kogi West to be the watchman of their respective communities, adding that when terrorists kept disturbing the masses in Kastina State, a time came when people decided to sleep in the morning and afternoon hours and do their normal business in the night.

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“As a watchman, watch your environment, your state. You have the responsibility to watch over your community and your state.

“The security has been overstretched; hence there is need for the citizens for their own security to watch over themselves”.

Speaking also, Michael Ikpa urged the participants to as much as possible promote new initiatives that will bring people together, generate and analyse information before spreading it to people , adding that when they promote peaceful coexistence among themselves, it will go a long way in sustaining harmony in their respective communities.

He also pointed out that when there is trust among the people, it becomes easy for the participants to educate them.

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