• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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17-year-old nabbed for attempted suicide bombing in Jos


Residents around the UBA bank in Dadin Kowa, Jos South, Plateau State has prevented a bomb attack after a 17 year old boy, Benjamin Basil was found in the bank wearing belts packed with suspected Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device.

According to eye witness, the residents spotted the suspect strapped a bomb to his body and apprehended him before he could carry out his objective on Monday, 13th May 2024.

The suspect was immediately surrounded by an angry mob who were ready to lynch him but was later taken away by the police.

However, when asked why he was strapped and ready to detonate the explosives, he said he was forced by unknown men to forcefully get 100 million naira from the bank.

“I met some people who said if I don’t cooperate with them, they will explode me and I will just die. And everyone in the bank will die. Then I said, okay, I’m willing to cooperate. But first of all, let me try and document it. In the beginning of the note I wrote read from beginning to the end. Then I showed them. At that point I realized that they couldn’t read. So I took advantage of the situation.

“I Wrote to inform the cashier that I’m wrapped in suicide bomb at gunpoint. And I’m doing this against my will, I told him so that he will call for help. They also told me that when I come out With the 100 million naira Iam to collect from the bank in the two bags they gave me, twelve of their men will be waiting outside and they will collect the bag from me. Then they will disconnect the bomb from their own side”.

Reacting to the incident while briefing Journalists on the achievements of the police on Tuesday in Jos, the commissioner of Police Plateau state command, Emmanuel Adesina however denied that it was not a bomb, he explained that the individual, identified as Benjamin Basil, a student of Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi Heipang Campus, entered the bank premises and threatened to detonate explosives unless his monetary demands were met.

Adesina while appreciating the swift action of police officers and local residents, added that the suspect was apprehended before any harm could be inflicted, averting a potential catastrophic incident.

He noted that the case of the suspected suicide bomber is presently under thorough investigation by the state Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to ascertain the veracity of his claims and identify any potential accomplices.

“On 13th May, 2024 at about 12pm, we received a distress call from UBA Sparkling Junction, Dadin Kowa, reporting a suspected armed robber who had entered the banking hall with suspected explosive devices tied around his body, and handed over a note to the cashier demanding for the sum of 100 Million naira under the threat that the explosives would be detonated if his request is not granted.

“The bank attendant immediately reported to the manager of the bank who swiftly reported to the Police at Rantya division and evacuated the customers from the bank. On sighting the Police vehicle, the suspect panicked and started running out of the bank. In the process, our Police officers posted at the bank saw him running and pursued him with the help of the youths in the area, the suspect was arrested. His name is Benjamin Basil male, a student of Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi Heipang Campus.The case is currently under investigation at the state CID, to ascertain the validity of his claims and arrest possible suspects;” Adesina said.