• Monday, June 17, 2024
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10 quotes from Obi’s speech at Chatham House

An open letter to Mr. Peter Obi

Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate, today spoke at the Chatham House in London, the famous independent policy institute trusted for debate and dialogue.

Obi spoke on his vision for policy change and the institutional reforms that the Labour Party has for Nigeria.

Here are 10 quotes from his speech.

“We would use merit to employ, dramatically reduce poverty and return Nigeria to a place of strategic relevance with high value”.


“Facilitate stronger institutions a key anchor that will turn Nigeria from a country of oil consumption to a country that produces based on fast factors”


“Insecurity is a result of ineffective security strategy, address this by projecting strong leadership, state security and pursue a robust reform of security sector”


“Emphasise from consumption to production which is driven by agrarian revolution and export industrialisation, build dams for export and revenue generation”



“Borrowing must be for productive purposes, not consumption… enhance human capital development in our youths through investment in education, research and quality health”

Peter Obi discusses his policies in Chatham House

“Pursue a compulsory technical education, digital skills from primary to secondary level, prioritise funding of the artificial sector, data science and blockchain. Our higher institutions will be renovated as research centres”


“ I will conduct an Afro-centric policy that will protect the rights of Nigerians abroad, advance the rights of Nigerians businesses abroad”


“ The problem of Nigeria is based on complex leadership… lead Nigeria for an inclusive and sustaining Nigeria that works for all”


“ Nigeria’s resources will be most prudently used for Nigeria”


“As commander in Chief of Nigeria, I pledge our part to pursue policies that sustain an inclusive growth and development”