• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Nigeria records zero piracy incident in 24 months, cuts War Risk Insurance on incoming cargos

Increasing piracy attacks in Nigeria, others expected to push insurance costs

…As UN awards Nigeria larger continental shelf

Nigeria has recorded 24 months of zero piracy in it’s continental shelf. This ensures that the higher insurance rates on vessels coming to Nigeria’s continental area as War Risk Insurance (WRI) will be cut out.

The United Nations has also awarded larger continental shelf to Nigeria, a cause for celebration among Nigerian authorities as it provides a an avenue to increase the country’s economic wealth.

The piece of news was broken in Elele Military Base by Dayo Mobereola, the director general of the Nigerian Maritime and Ministration AL Agency (MIMASA), in Rivers State.

He said such feat was very remarkable because of the huge impact in the economy especially the push for a deepened blue economy.

The DG said the task of winning back the confidence of the international maritime community.

He said the Minister of Defence and that of the Blue Economy have worked to sustain the new rating of Nigeria.

Nigeria was blacklisted some years ago and a WRI status was slammed on Nigeria due to frequent attacks on vessels headed to Nigeria.

The FG through NINASA came up with the Deep Blue Project which created a command from the Navy, Air Force, Army, and the Police with special equipment and specialized training by foreigners to confront the seas and territorial waters.

This led to some appreciable gains which led to the zero incidence rating and removal of Nigeria out of the risk zones.

Speaking at the graduation of another batch of special forces at Elele Military Base, the Minister said the project is dear to the Agency.

He talked about milestones gained in Maritime security saying the graduands will add to those already in the waters defending the nation.

He said the target and aim were to make Nigeria a Maritime nation with special mission assets on hand.

The Ministers who inspected the sensitive workshop, armoured vehicles, two helicopters, etc.

He harped on the roles so far played by the Minister’s of Defence and that of the Blue Economy, but requested for continued support to cover the larger continental shelf awarded Nigeria by the global body.

He said Nigeria’s Maritime space is now inviting and secure. He attributed this feat to the men in the forefront who he called valiant.