• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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CMA CGM to surcharge Apapa bound containers from Chinese Ports

CMA CGM applies $150 surcharge on West, Central African cargo

CMA CGM, the French container carrier, said it has added an overweight surcharge (OWS) on Nigerian-bound containers from China.

According to Container News, an online news platform, the overweight surcharge has taken effect from April 19, 2022, which means that containers loaded in China that are destined for Nigeria beginning from this date will be surcharged.

The French shipping giant said the new surcharge will apply to dry cargo from all the Chinese ports that are destined for the port of Apapa in Nigeria.

The container carrier further said that $500 will be charged on each 20-foot container as the overweight surcharge on a container gross weight equal to or over 18 tons.

In addition, the French carrier has after discussion with the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, increased the tariff for importation documentation for one by 20-foot container to N37,000 and N59,000 for a 40-foot container, according to the Ships & Ports report.

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The shipping company also said that effective April 20, 2022, the port additional charges on the 20-foot containers will now be N45,000 while 40-foot containers will pay N82,500.

It said that demurrage for a 20-foot container staying between zero and five days will be free while six to 10 days will pay N7,000; 11-15 days will pay N10,500; 16-21 days will pay N11,900 per day while any container that stays longer than 15 days will attract N14, 000 per day.

On a 40-foot container, it however said that demurrage between zero to five days is free while N11, 500 will be paid on a container that stays between six and 10 days while N15, 400 will be paid per day for 11 to 15 days. However, containers that stay between 16 and 21 days will attract N17,500 while containers at the holding bay exceeding the days aforementioned will pay N20,300.

The shipping company said that all new charges will be paid by shippers in addition to freight charges which range from $14,000 to more than $25,000 per 40 equivalent units of container depending on the port of loading.