• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Research agency offers insight on global awareness of BRICS alliance

Research agency offers insight on global awareness of BRICS alliance

By Ngozi Okpalakunne

Market Trend International, a research agency, has conducted a global survey in order to offer a comprehensive insight into the awareness and sentiments surrounding the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) alliance.

The universal poll which was supervised in partnership with Gallup International, sampled the opinion of approximately four billion individuals across the globe.

While disclosing that almost a third of individuals have never heard of BRICS, the survey reads: “Our study uncovers a balanced distribution of positive and negative attitudes, each accounting for 19 percent and 17 percent, respectively. Furthermore, a significant portion of respondents, 24 percent, maintain a neutral stance, while 32 percent have never encountered information about BRICS.

“Turning our focus to the sentiments echoed from Nigeria, a pivotal participant in this international study, the intricacies of the nation’s perspective on the BRICS alliance unfold.

“A notable 36 percent of Nigerians expressed a positive view, revealing an optimistic outlook toward the alliance. Conversely, 8 percent conveyed a negative sentiment, while 25 percent indicated they had never heard of the alliance, unveiling varying levels of awareness within the Nigerian demographic.

“These findings prompt a thoughtful exploration of Nigeria’s historical relationship and representation within the BRICS alliance. While the nation has enjoyed a positive association in the past, the evolving sentiments suggest a need for increased awareness and strategic engagement.

“As Nigeria navigates its diplomatic landscape, the insights garnered from this research offer valuable considerations for enhancing its relationship with the BRICS alliance and fostering a more informed public opinion.”

Recall that in 2006, Brazil, Russia, India and China created the BRIC group. South Africa joined in 2010, making it BRICS. The group was believed to be designed to bring together the world’s most important developing countries to challenge the political and economic power of the wealthier nations of North America and Western Europe.