• Friday, April 19, 2024
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Realtors bring innovations to property development in Akwa Ibom

Realtors bring innovations to property development in Akwa Ibom

A new dimension has been introduced to property development as a means of wealth creation following plans to revolutionise real estate business in Akwa Ibom.

This is coming on the heels of the huge demand for housing as Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital, witnessed a massive transformation from its semi urban setting to a cosmopolitan centre as many businesses and people have relocated to the city.

Similarly, despite the high cost of cement which is sold above N10,000 per bag, the housing sector has continued to witness unprecedented growth in the last couple of years and is providing a veritable ground for wealth creation and employment.

To fully equip youths to be key players in the industry, a real estate academy known as has been launched in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

With a good network of roads, an airport and fast-growing business
sector, Akwa Ibom is attracting people in numbers, this explains the urgent
need for housing both for residential and offices.

Known as Enterprise Valley Academy and located in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, it also to drive investor in the real estate sector as well as alleviate the current economic hardship.

Describing real estate as a gold mine and encouraging the youths to look beyond the government but rather get involved in real estates to create wealth and jobs, they advocated involvement in real estate as a reliable source of income.

Speaking at the launch of the academy, the President of the academy. Inimfon Colonel said; “Enterprise valley Academy will be a lighthouse of education, empowerment, and prosperity for all. Together let’s innovate, how we approach real estate, elevate our understanding and ultimately dominate our parts to success.

“Under the current economy you don’t sit down and say oh, I work for the government so I cannot do real estate, no, join us lets transform the world through you.

“There is a goldmine in real estate in this city of Uyo. We can attract the attention of the world to the welcoming environment in Akwa Ibom State and we smile to the banks courtesy of real estates.”

Speaking further, the Chairman of the board of Enterprise Valley Academy, Gideon Ekanem said “the real estate sector helps you not just to invest you also earn money as a broker, or as an investor. The opportunities are just massive when you come into the academy, we hold your hands through the process.”

In their reactions, attendees at the inauguration expressed delight over the academy saying it would be an opportunity gain valuable experience in the sector to create for themselves.

Encouraging participants at the event, an Uyo-based celebrity real estate promoter, Uche Sandra said: “Just few years ago, I felt I was making a mistake being in Uyo, my economic life was not encouraging, but immediately God opened my eyes to the goldmine in real estate my life changed, I can confidently say that Akwa Ibom is the World’s best kept secret. This state is currently the most sort after destination in Nigeria.”

Also, one of the participants who gave his name as Etini Uko said “instead of going for iphones, and other personal belongings, as young people it is better to invest in our future by acquiring knowledge and that is why I attended this event and also registered for the academy.”