• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Prest Lunch and Dinner Cruise


Primi Piatti has got so much in stock particularly for customers who may want to verify the claims of Hang Out with BD SUNDAY (BDS) on the glossy nature of the Italian bar and restaurant located at 1C, Admiralty Road, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 as published last week. And for our esteemed readers, you can be sure to take to the bank any information you come across in BDS as we promise never to exaggerate information to your disadvantage! Our slogan still remains ‘News You Can Trust!”     

Now get set as your darling hang out weekly is set to take this week’s bride- Prest Lunch and Dinner Cruise to the altar of inspection! And by this publication, Primi Piatti, the owner of the lunch and dinner yacht has followed suit with E-Bar and Quilox Bar as top bars so far on our journey to ‘Canaan’. Only time will tell if they would be able to hold on to their positions or return  to ‘Egypt’!

It is no longer news to our regular readers that Primi Piatti was described as ‘secret place’ last week for one standout reason- its location. There is no loud signboard on its gate suggesting there is an affair for body, spirit and soul taking place in a building standing like a residential property. Primi Paitti and its yacht are indeed best secret kept in Lagos.

The lunch and dinner cruise is a secret of secrets worth taking the risk (distance) to experience like Sierra Leonean diamond! And for those with dollars and naira to spend, you are sure going to get value for money spent! The affair in the lunch and dinner cruise is actually for those who crave adventure on the lagoon inside a moving ‘house’! A house that is marvelously overwhelming with so many beautiful sights for the ever-lurking and lusting eyes to behold as the yacht cruises toward the American Embassy! From the panoramic view of 1004 Flats in Victoria Island, to the glamorous sight of the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge, and  the charming setting  of Ikoyi in the cool of the evening at the other side of the Lagoon; all providing a memorable experience in the minds of cruisers!     

Got money and looking for where to spend it? Dare to take Prest Lunch and Dinner Cruise and discover the secret of a hidden place! Inside the yacht is a mesmerising episode: jazz, blues, rock and any kind of music that bear witness with the Lagoon itself masterminded by experience DJs! live musical band is available at the request of customers who want to party after a major success! African menu, Italian and top European menus are some of the mouth-watering menus enjoyed with wine and spirit as situation demands. Got enough money and wondering where to spend it? Dare to take Prest yacht and discover a hidden world reserve for guys like you! It is a place for big spenders! What is a success after all, without a pleasure? And what is the need of making money and lacking the courage to spend it?

The outdoor bar of Primi Piatti must also be given due recognition! Some customers are actually addicted to the lagoon side bar for many reasons. Smokers may never be able to resist a stick of cigarette once sited in its domain owing to what seems like a symbiotic romance between the breeze and the cigarette. Then, the whispering of the silent running of water: tenderly provoking deep meditation in the minds of its captive. Primi Piatti indeed deserves a place in the history book of Hang out with BDS!