• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Nigerian entrepreneur to represent nation at UN SDG conference

Nigerian entrepreneur to represent nation at UN SDG conference

David Oluwole, CEO of Brandleep, has been selected to participate in the Best Diplomat Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Conference, organised by the United Nations in Turkey.

This selection positions Oluwole among the top entrepreneurs of Nigeria, highlighting the country’s commitment to global sustainability efforts.

Best Diplomats, an international organisation headquartered in New York, specializes in hosting conferences that focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These events serve as simulations of United Nations committee meetings, offering a unique platform for global participants to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborative problem-solving around key sustainability issues.

Oluwole, speaking on the significance of Nigeria’s presence at the conference, emphasized the critical need for collaborative efforts in various economic sectors beyond oil and gas. “As a developing nation, Nigeria’s growth hinges on direct investment in social amenities, community support, and sustainable climate change programs. My participation will bring fresh insights into how other developing countries are fostering growth in technology, security, education, health, agriculture, business, manufacturing, and power,” he stated.

On his selection for the conference, Oluwole explained, “Best Diplomats selects participants who align with their goals, and I am honored to represent Nigeria. Through this platform, I aim to gain and share knowledge on key issues like poverty reduction through SMEs, technology investments, community security, and accessible education.”

Oluwole’s agenda at the conference include simulations focusing on reducing vulnerability in society and exploring solutions for global challenges.
“I am eager to engage with global leaders to develop simulations that can inspire changes worldwide, particularly in Nigeria. My goal is to create solutions that address our challenges in security, political stability, and economic growth,” he said.

Highlighting his personal and organisational goals, Oluwole said, “This event is a chance for Brandleep and Nigeria to contribute to global dialogues and initiatives. We aim to drive economic growth by developing simulations that attract safe and secure investment in Nigeria, thereby reducing unemployment and accelerating development.”

Similarly, Oluwole shared his aspirations to meet and exceed the expectations of his fellow Nigerians. “Nigerians expect us to address our core challenges like security, foreign direct investment, and regional disparities. I plan to draw from global experiences to create simulations tailored to Nigeria’s needs, fostering solutions that can be adopted globally,” he concluded.