• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Mo Abudu tells alternative stories


Popular TV hostess and proud owner of a full-fledged cable TV channel, Mo Abudu has been at the forefront of telling the African story differently.

In a society where women have been for long sidelined, the creative genius of Mo sticks out among her peers – male or female – like the hairs of a porcupine and her sass and entrepreneurial prowess are undoubtedly reasons why she is often labelled the ‘African Oprah’.

For years, ‘Moments with Mo’ her flagship show, has been the standout interview TV programming that bested its’ competition across the continent and stood the test of time, getting better like fine wine. With guests so diverse from Hilary Clinton to F.W. De Klerk and Rio Ferdinand, the show has continued to wax strong and the reputation of the self-taught show host is soaring still, like a hyperactive eagle.

However, it was on July 1, 2013 that the London-born Ondo native took the biggest step of her life yet. Her brainchild, Ebony Life Television, described as “Africa’s first global black multi-broadcast entertainment network” launched to popular acclaim and so far, remains the ‘freshest thing’ on TV, with its array of unique programming geared to keep viewers glued to their seats – figuratively, of course – and perpetually entertained.

Mo’s landmark achievement is all the more magnified when one looks back at the trail and sees the failure of even more bigger names. A lot of entrepreneurs have put their hand to the plough but have been consumed in the ensuing labour and intricate complexity of the labyrinth that is the Nigerian music industry. She has trodden where even angels fear to and the price for risk-taking is success.