• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Mbayion council denounces security breaches, refutes destruction of ex-governor Aku’s residence

Mbayion council denounces security breaches, refutes destruction of ex-governor Aku’s residence

By Nathaniel Gbaoron

In response to recent security breaches at Adi Agor Village in Mbayion, Gboko LGA of Benue State, the Supreme Council of Mbayion Traditional Rulers recently convened an emergency meeting.

Hosted at the residence of Joseph Ikpa Ahua, the chairman Gboko East Traditional council who is also a son of the clan, the meeting aimed to address the concerning situation and other pertinent issues affecting the clan.

In a communique jointly signed by the traditional rulers of the community led by Joseph Ikpa Ahua and the President General, Yion Development Association (YIDA) Orver Yongo and obtained by BusinessDay, the Council unequivocally condemned the reported attack and arson on a house situated at Adi Agor Village, purportedly belonging to Comfort Isaac Tyungu Aku. Such actions were deemed callous and antithetical to the cultural and traditional values of the Mbayion people.

Additionally, the Council condemned any hostile actions directed towards security agencies deployed to maintain peace in the area, emphasizing the importance of cooperation in preventing the escalation of tensions.

Furthermore, the Council reaffirmed the longstanding commitment of the Mbayion people to principles of peace, non-violence, and inclusivity. Renowned for their hospitality and compassion, the Mbayion community has historically welcomed law-abiding citizens, fostering the growth and development of Gboko town and surrounding areas.

Addressing recent rumors regarding alleged attacks on the residence of the late Governor Aper Aku, the Council categorically refuted such claims as false and malicious. Instead, they highlighted the amicable relationship between the Mbayion Clan and the late Aku family, exemplified by the voluntary return of property to the family’s estate.

In light of these developments, the Council urged against sensational reporting and cautioned against hasty generalizations, emphasizing the importance of allowing security agencies to conduct thorough investigations. Additionally, the Council resolved to enhance neighborhood watch initiatives to bolster security and maintain peace within the community.

The Council pledged full cooperation with security agencies in their ongoing investigation, demonstrating their commitment to upholding justice and restoring tranquility to the Mbayion Clan.

“The Council strongly condemns the attack and burning of a house located at Adi Agor Village, reportedly owned by one Mrs. Comfort Isaac Tyungu Aku and describes the action as callous and alien to the culture and tradition of the people of Mbayion. The Council equally condemns reported hostile actions against security agencies who were drafted to keep peace in the area, to prevent the situation from escalating.

“The Council restates the sustained faith and belief of Mbayion people in the principles of peace, non-violent ways of resolving conflicts and accommodation of all law-abiding citizens within their locality. Our people have been known for their humanity and for always being their brothers’ keepers, which has informed the rapid growth and expansion of Gboko town towards our villages as well as the presence of several industries within the Mbayion Clan. Our guests have always attested to the fact, which is historically and empirically established, that the Mbayion people are very accommodating and peaceful hosts.

“The Council uses this occasion to inform all and sundry of the historic, cordial, and respectful relationship between the Mbayion Clan and the late Aper Aku family. In their usual peaceful and honest nature, the Mbayion people unreservedly returned to the late Akua Aku, a large parcel of land of 8 100×100 plots in the heart of Gboko town, which our respected former Governor, the late Aper Aku, bought in his lifetime from a Mbayion vendor.

“The vendor involved leaders of the Mbayion Clan to voluntarily and willingly hand over the said parcel of land to the late Akua Aku at a meeting he attended with his kinsmen, including Elder Atsaga Anemba and other elders of his immediate Community of Mbakuha. A similar property of the former Governor at Tse Nom Gbev Near Gboko Local Government Veterinary Clinic within our domain was also recently handed over to his family. Council, therefore, debunks reports of attacks on the residence of former Governor Aper Aku in Gboko. Council boldly describes such reports as false and as orchestrated by mischief makers, just to tarnish the good image of the Mbayion people,” the communique reads in part.