• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Mayor in the ‘Manger’

The Mayor (1)

The manger was and is still regarded as the lowliest place in Bethlehem near Jerusalem because it was only fit for sheep to give birth. But that was where the Saviour, Jesus Christ, could only be born.

So, what is the manger doing in flourishing Port Harcourt, in fact at the most luxuriant spot in the Niger Delta, the Treasure Park, a leisure centre for the rich and their kids, located at the heart of the city? More tasking, what was the Mayor of Housing doing at the ‘Manger’?

The man known as a real estate success strategist, the Mayor of Housing, My-ACE China, CEO of the Construction & Housing Mayor Limited, was practically everywhere for most of the last weeks of 2023; book presentations, Press Week, Movie Producers awards event, PH 50 Legends event, etc. So, why would he also be found at the ‘Manger’?

On December 29, 2023, at about 2pm, the Mayor of Housing was seen serving food to ghetto children who had found their way to the place of the rich. It is part of what is fast-shaking the Garden City called the ‘Manger Project’.

The project is a brainchild of youths, Jeremy and Obinna Nwachukwu, but overseen by Jeremy. The concept is that Christmas for which the rich lavish much on their children is a product of the manger. They say Jesus was born in a manger and that miracle saved mankind.

To their agony, the world celebrates lavishly and ignores those who look like manger kids, the lowliest, who they say are often deprived of the essence of Christmas. They thus designed a way of celebrating Christ by celebrating His friends, the lowly and the very poor.

To reach this class of ‘celebrants’ they organise minor bible quiz in the ghettos in PH and the brightest ones are taken to the highest spot, Pleasure Park, where they are feted, fed, taken to watch decent movies, etc, just for the sake of Christ. They first take the kids (12 years to 15) to beauty saloons to be washed and freshened up ending in good hairstyles. They are then taken to boutiques for change of dresses.

On the D-Day, the kids are taken to Pleasure Park with high gate fees and food fees. Now, volunteers guide them. Top people who are carefully screened to be sure they are truly lovers of Christ are allowed to come around to ‘serve’ the newfound VIPs, the former ghetto kids. That was how the Mayor of Housing found himself serving at the Manger Project (after thorough screening to be sure his lifestyle conforms with what Christ represents to avoid creating wrong models to the Manger Children. He was also allowed to deliver a talk to them. A UNESCO Ambassador, Badom Greatman, was also on hand to serve and to speak. It ended in huge praise.