• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Make This Valentine Season Special

It is that time of the year once again when love becomes the main focus. For Nigerians, this year’s Valentine’s Day would have been different. It would have been a day to exercise their civic duty and might by going to the polls if INEC had carried on with the initial general election timetable.

Now that the election has been postponed to a later date a week to the day, many Nigerians have been plunged into making emergency preparations for their loved ones on that day. Fortunately, this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday when most people are free and will have that free time to spend with that special person or special people in their life all weekend however the case may be.

As this year’s St. Valentine’s Day draws near, different people have different stuff on their mind. Depending on class, priorities, status, disposable time and income. Here are a few things that you can do to make that day special.

Take your partner out

You may have been working very hard lately with little or no time for your partner. This is a perfect opportunity to spend time together. Take your partner out on a date to an exotic place. Depending on your budget, you could even leave town together for a minute!

Do something different

Most people are enslaved by their regular routines. They hang out with the same friends, go to the same places and do the same thing always. This time will be good to do something different. If you are used to going to the mall or restaurants, why not try going to the beach or somewhere else. Like they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”

Go see a movie

Some people are workaholics and to them, spending time in cinemas and other fun places is a total waste of time. A little time away from work won’t hurt. Look for a good romantic movie or comedy showing at the cinema and go there with your loved one. Ease the tension…. It’s healthy.

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Spend sometime together

What is love without time? Spending time with your spouse or lover could be the best bet for you this season. Stay indoors, get treated to a home made meal, discuss and plan the future and share that intimate moment together that is hard to come by with the busy schedules.

Send gifts

Send some gifts such as a cute card, teddy bear, flowers, chocolate and cakes to all your loved ones – siblings, colleagues, parents, etc.

Visit the less privileged

What better time to show love to the less privileged than now? Visit the less privileged, such as the motherless babies’ home among others to show them some love.

Spread the love if you are married

If you are married and have children, don’t limit your attention to your spouse; instead, express the love to your children too. You can buy special gifts for them, go shopping together, and be around them, depending on their age, and watch films with them, even cartoons.

Show love to yourself

Always remember that you are important. Pamper yourself with love. You can do this by going shopping alone; spoiling yourself with gifts… you can even go to movies alone. You can decide to stay indoors to read a book, meditate, relax, cook a special meal for yourself and enjoy the ambience of being alone. You can go to a spa, do some facial makeover and enjoy the fun of being attended to.

A romantic meal for two

Share a romantic dinner. An intimate dinner for two may bring a bit of Valentine’s Day splendor. There’s just something inherently romantic about sharing a fine meal and good wine while gazing at each other in the candlelight.

Pop the big question if you are still single

Propose to your girlfriend, ask her to marry you and give her a ring. Yes! Do it!!!!!!!!