• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Group launches CREC, real estate designation for Nigerian realtors

Group launches CREC, real estate designation for Nigerian realtors

A conglomerate of real estate investors and professionals has launched the Certified Real Estate Consultant (CREC) designation to help bridge the knowledge gap among Nigerian realtors in the built environment.

According to the group, the CREC program will foster heightened trust among clients and bolster protection against fraudulent practices through targeted solutions to industry challenges and the establishment of a uniform qualification standard.

Segun Akolade, director, Advanced Professional Development Institute (APDI), stated that the CREC designation has the potential to propel Nigerian real estate professionals to elevated levels of professionalism, solidifying their roles as esteemed advisors and frontrunners within the industry.

“We recognised the need for a comprehensive certification program that not only enhances the skill set of realtors but also provides them with the validation and recognition they deserve in the eyes of clients and peers.”

According to him, leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the program guarantees a streamlined and efficient learning experience, amplifying its accessibility and impact. He disclosed that the introduction of the CREC designation marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s real estate landscape.

He stated further that with technological innovation, this program aims to empower Nigerian realtors with advanced skills, knowledge, and credentials to excel in today’s dynamic and competitive real estate market.

According to him, the CREC designation provides real estate agents and professionals in Nigeria with their own professional designation, like the CFA for finance professionals and PMP for project management professionals.

Aaron Olajide, director, ADPI, stated that the absence of a standardised measure of qualification often leaves clients vulnerable to misrepresentation and fraud. According to him, for many real estate clients, the difficulty lies in discerning the competence of a real estate consultant.

“Unfortunately, the industry has seen its share of clients who have suffered financial losses or have been defrauded due to dealings with fraudulent or incompetent consultants. These experiences undermine trust and can deter potential investors from engaging in the real estate market,” Olajide stated.

According to him, the CREC program is designed to equip real estate professionals with a diverse range of skills, including market analysis, negotiation tactics, client management, and legal knowledge. “Available at apdi.global, the decision to create the CREC designation stemmed from a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing real estate professionals in Nigeria.”