• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Greensprings School promotes healthy lifestyles among students through sports

Greensprings School promotes healthy lifestyles among students through sports

As part of the activities towards grooming a total and healthy child, Greensprings School Lekki Campus has created opportunities for extracurricular activities and sports into its academic calendar.

By creating opportunities for students to sports, the school teaches students the importance of sports in fostering healthy and active lifestyles.

Speaking at the 2024 sports day of Greensprings School Lekki Campus, Lai Koiki, executive director of Greensprings School, said that sports day is an occasion to showcase the physical prowess of the students, celebrate the spirit of teamwork and resilience that defines the school community.

Koiki said sporting goes beyond winning medals or breaking records to include learning invaluable lessons in discipline, resilience, teamwork and leadership.

She said that sporting activities help the students to learn how to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, set goals and work tirelessly towards achieving them.

According to her, students also learn to embrace the joy of both success and failure.

Feyi Ojugo, deputy director of education, said sports bring about competition, friendship, sportsmanship, and pushing of limits.

To her, the essence of sportsmanship lies not just in victory, but in the respect shown to opponents, the grace in defeat, and the bonds forged through shared passion.

“As you celebrate excellence, friendship, and the unbreakable spirit that unites us all, let us compete with integrity, cheer with enthusiasm, and cherish the memories we create together,” she said.

On his part, Femi Omotayo, chairman of the Parents Teachers Association, said Greensprings Lekki Campus provides world-class facilities and coaching that enable students to realise their innate abilities.

Omotayo lauded the Lai Koiki for setting up a school that trains a holistic child in academics, arts, culture, sports, and with a sense of responsibility to themselves and society.

Olwakemi Amowoyagi, chairperson of the Activities Committee of Greensprings Lekki, said sports and other activities are integrated into education to groom a total child.

She lauded the school for its open-door policy that allows parents to participate in programmes that add value to the student’s academic success.

At the end of the sporting competition which witnessed spectacular displays of track and field, match past, relay races, and other events, Enahoro House emerged as the overall winner; Moremi House, was first runner-up while Queen Amina House was second runner-up.

Lai Koiki (l), executive director of Greensprings School, and Femi Omotayo (r), chairman of the Parents Teachers Association flanked the winning houses at the 2023/24 sports day of Greensprings School Lekki Campus held recently.