• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Foundation launches initiative for community development

Foundation launches initiative for community development

A Lagos-based non-profit foundation has hit the Nigerian philanthropy landscape with an initiative aimed to promote community development and other aspects of giving back to society.

According to the promoters of the foundation, known as Olabode Fayemiro Foundation, it is a philanthropic initiative established to address critical societal needs and create a lasting impact, adding that it is dedicated to lending a helping hand and giving back to society.

“The foundation has target beneficiaries and the first of these beneficiaries are my alma mater– Richmab Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan, Federal Government College Odogbolu, and Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife,” Olabode Fayemiro, the founder, explained in a statement.

Fayemiro disclosed that the foundation will be operating under the motto, ‘Pay it Forward’ to reflect his commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering a generation of empowered citizens.

He added that the foundation aims to equip individuals and communities with the tools and resources they need to thrive by tackling various social issues. This, he said, goes beyond just individual success; it’s about building a more vibrant and equitable future for all Nigerians.

Fayemiro said the initiative goes beyond his alma mater as it is designed as a vision for broader impact. He explained that, though the foundation’s initial efforts will honour his educational journey by supporting his alma mater, “this is just the first chapter.”

“The Olabode Fayemiro Foundation aspires to become a catalyst for positive change across a wider spectrum of the society. The foundation recognizes that community needs are multifaceted, and its target audience and projects will evolve strategically over time.

Potential future initiatives could encompass areas like healthcare, skills development, or environmental sustainability. This adaptability ensures the foundation remains responsive to the most pressing issues faced by various demographics,” the founder said.

Fayemiro believes in building a brighter future together and, therefore, invites the wider Nigerian community to identify with the visions of the foundation. He also welcomes collaboration in all forms, whether it’s volunteering expertise, contributing financially, or simply spreading awareness about the foundation’s mission. He believes too that every contribution, big or small, has the power to empower communities and individuals.

He describes the foundation as a celebration of hope and progress, explaining that its launch is a momentous occasion as it celebrates his unwavering commitment to philanthropy, the potential within Nigerian communities, and the power of collective action.

“As the foundation embarks on its mission, one thing remains certain which is that its impact will be long-lasting, inspiring countless hearts and minds to embrace the spirit of paying it forward for years to come. With the support of the community, this foundation has the potential to illuminate the path towards a brighter future for all Nigerians,” he assured.