• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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BIVREG, Bible study game, launched in Aba

BIVREG, Bible study game, launched in Aba

Bible Verses Reciting Game (BIVREG), a new Bible reciting game, designed by Chris Ben Eke, to make the reading of the Bible easy and more exciting, has been launched in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State.

BIVREG is not just an ordinary game, it is a Bible board game, played by a minimum of two and maximum of four players.

The board game which is played with dice is actually a holistic tool for a thorough study and memorisation of the Christian Holy book, as it gives the players opportunity to read the Bible verse by verse, as it contains all the Bible verses from the Old to New Testaments inside the board.

Eke, a renowned Christian and an author, who hails from Nde Eke, Ufukwu, Umuagwu Umuenyere, Alayi, in Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, could not hide his joy, as his contribution towards the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, was presented to the public.

He explained that the process leading to the creation of BIVREG started in 1995, noting that the game was created to give a majority of Christian families the opportunity to study the Bible, memorise it in an exciting way that creates more interest and urge to know more.

Eke stated that BIVREG as a game, can be used by parents, Churches and all Christian related bodies, to bring back serious search and hunger of the youths to go through the Bible in a manner that has never been seen before.

“It helps in having in-depth knowledge of the Bible. It is good for Children, adults and everyone. It is interesting to be used in Church programmes for Children, Youths, Women Wing and Men and for families, as a way of teaching their children the Bible with pleasure.

The game, which is designed like a Ludo uses 3 dice, which are rolled on the game board, by players, who are expected to recite a verse of the Bible where the dice rests.

However, if a player is not familiar with the verse, he/she is given an opportunity to search through the Bible, get the verse, read it, understand it and explain it to other players.

“The game continues like that until a specified set required to win the game is reached and the winner emerges as the best in Bible knowledge and study for the day. So, BIVREG can feature in all Christian programmes with prizes set for the winners.

“In this era when Christians are mistakenly shifting and drifting aware from what the Bible says to what men are saying, in this era when the erroneous teachings of men and militancy in the name of Jesus Christ is occupying the heads of Christians, I believe that BIVREG has come to softly drive the Church back to the scripture with a little touch of excitement.

“There’s an ongoing plan to create the software version of BIVREG to be on the phones of every interested Christian, who will use it to grow and develop his/her knowledge of the Bible on personal basis, just as you play your software Ludo games.”

Jude Okorie, who chaired the presentation, described the game as first of its kind and advised that it should be adopted by Churches in their Bible study and quiz competitions.

His Royal Highness, Jude C. Okorie, Enyereukwu II of Umuenyere, Alayi was represented at the event, by Emenike Onwukwo, a lawyer and the community’s secretary.