Denrynz HBK thrives despite challenges in Nigeria’s entertainment industry

The Nigerian music industry is lucrative yet tasking. It is estimated to be the second-largest music industry in the world and with the number of music that is released every day, one can say it’ll be a bit hard for singers to get noticed or gain recognition in the field.

What this implies is that to get known or recognized, you need to work twice as hard in the industry regardless of your talent.

One of the many young musical artists who has been able to prove that this is possible is Nigerian-born vocalist ‘Oguntuase Adeyemi’ popularly known as Denrynz HBK who has been one of the talented upcoming songsters in the Nigerian music industry.

Denrynz HBK who hailed from the western region of the country started his career by engaging in freestyling to several musical instruments which went viral quickly and built him a massive following.

From releasing the “At all At all” on all media platforms to his Extended Playlist titled “Breakthrough” which has more than a million streams on Audiomack, one of the best music promotional platforms in the universe.

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He has released four official videos, one of which he features some famous Nollywood artists such as Mama Rainbow and Femi Fadeyi in a song titled “Run With Me”.

Asides from being a musician, Denrynz HBK is also well known for his dance ability.

Despite the many challenges involved in being a celebrity such as a tough time to filter your real friends, trying also to live a quiet life with a lot of social exposure, etc., Denrynz HBK has been able to maintain positive energy through it all.

With the desire to achieving his career goals, getting awards, and many more, Denrynz HBK believes that the most important notable thing for him is to maintain consistency in the musical line and to support local kids as a personal charity set up, and making his songs travel across the globe.

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