• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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When the MD’s son came knocking, Winifred’s heart said yes!

When the MD’s son came knocking, Winifred’s heart said yes!

Chris Obi is the only son of his parents. He has been in America for half of his life. His younger sister is in medical school, also in America. He hasn’t always been in agreement with his mum on running their family business. His mum always reminded him of the need to show interest in the family business because the idea was that he would take over.

He was recently in Nigeria and decided to come to the office to pay his mum a visit at work. “My dearest mum, at least, I am here at work with you today, isn’t that a good start? Don’t I deserve some accolades for this?” he said as he bent over to give his mum a peck on the cheek. “You cannot bribe your mum with sweet words, you must begin to consider coming back to Nigeria to take over this company or you want your father and I to sell it off?” she queried him to which he responded, “Okay mum, we will take it one day at a time.” So, he walked towards the long sofa in his mother’s office to pick up a magazine. As he did that, there was a knock on her door and when she asked the person to come in, it was Winifred Orji, the 28-year-old Deputy Human Resource Manager.

Immediately Chris heard her voice, he dropped the magazine and turned. He briefly looked at her and liked what he saw but didn’t want it obvious that he was looking at her, so he sat down and pretended to be reading the magazine even as he observed Winifred speaking with his mum “Okay Winifred, I think your idea is better. Let’s do it your way” Chris’s mum said to which Winifred responded “Okay Ma. Will put it in the file” and she left the office.

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Immediately she left, Chris walked up to his mother and inquired “Mum, who is…” before he could say “…that”, the mother interjected “Chris! Chris!! Chris!!! How many times did I call you? Don’t go there…I repeat, don’t go there” and he said “But mum, don’t go there? …how? I merely asked a question…okay mum, I will try” “I did not say try Chris…I said No way!” so, he walked up to her, gave her a peck on her cheek again and said, “Alright mum, I will see you at home” and left her office.

He perused the office environment after he left his mother’s office to see if he would catch a glimpse of Winifred. He certainly wasn’t in a hurry from the way he walked. As he stepped out of the building, he saw her about to open her car, so he rushed there and opened the car for her “Quite a gentleman, thank you.” Winifred said “You are most welcome” he responded, and he ceased the opportunity to introduce himself.

“My name is Chris.” “Nice to meet you Chris, my name is Winifred. So, you are here for?” she asked, and Chris responded “A business meeting” “Oh Nice…” she said. “Uhm…my complimentary cards are not here with me may I please have yours?” Chris asked “Sure…here you go” she responded, handing over hers to him.

Immediately she left, he asked himself “I hope I haven’t started on a wrong note, why did I have to lie to her? Gosh! Chris! Silly me…well, I hope this doesn’t hunt me.”

Chris gathered courage to reach out to her and gradually they became friends, but he still never told her he was the son of her boss.

Chris mum travelled for a week and when she returned, she asked Chris to come and check something for her at work. While in his mother’s office, he did not agree with her suggestion, so she said, wait, let me call Winifred, she always understands me.

Chris wasn’t comfortable with the idea but knew that if he told his mum, she would wonder why. While in the process of deciding whether or not to call Winifred, there was a knock on the door and immediately Chris’s mother said, “come in”, Winifred walked in while Chris was saying “…but mum, I honestly think you should do it another way”. Hearing him say “Mum” was a shock to her. She became jittery and her pen fell. She horridly picked it and ensured her eyes did not meet with Chris “Winifred, yeah…you brought the other documents, thanks. However, I was just speaking with my son, and I told him you should be part of this deliberation.” If Winifred thought she didn’t hear Chris say “mum” earlier, now his mother said “my son” that was it. Again, her pen dropped “Winifred, I hope you are okay?” she asked. “Yes ma, I am fine, just a bit under the weather” “Sorry dear, you should close early and go take a rest” and she retorted “Thanks Ma, I will tidy up in 5 minutes and go” she responded and hastily left the office.

Chris knew there was trouble. So, he opened up to his mum “What?? Chris!!” she exclaimed, and he said “Mum, I am sorry, I really am. I went after her and I like her. I know you want my happiness. Please ask her to come to your office please. She is never going to believe me again. Please mum…please!”

Chris’s mum picked the office line and just as Winifred was about to ‘escape’ out of her office, she was told the MD wanted to see her. She reluctantly went. When she got there, Chris’s mother stood up and said “I believe you both have something to discuss. I am leaving for a meeting with the General Manager, I will be back in 20 minutes, make sure you have both sorted yourself out before I come.”

Immediately his mum left, he ran to her and began to plead. “I don’t know what came over me. I just didn’t want you to see me as the ‘MD’s son’ but, I acknowledge that under no circumstance should I have lied to you.”

Though pained but Winifred let it go. His apology felt sincere, so they made up. By the time Chris’s mother came back, the mood had changed “Somebody’s headache seems to have vanished suddenly” she teased “‘Pastor Chris’ was used for this ‘miracle’” he joked, and they all had a good laugh.

They are taking their relationship one day at a time, but neither of them has plans to quit the relationship anytime soon. Hopefully we are invited to their I Dos!