• Sunday, December 10, 2023
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What you don’t know may be limiting your love life

What you don’t know may be limiting your love life

Some years ago, we ordered for a new printer from a popular online store for home use. Since we were not conversant with the set up, I and my husband read through the manuals, watched YouTube videos and began to implement the setup process.

It was easy to unbox the package, make certain adjustments and get it working but we had an issue. We didn’t know how to connect it to the network to the printer because it had a wireless connection.

Every time I watched the videos online, it kept asking me to connect to WPS router and, in my mind, I was wondering how to find that on my Spectranet WiFi. I had never seen the WPS option on the WiFi so I got confused. We had used this WiFi for over 3 years but never noticed it since we didn’t need it.

This got me stuck for days. I needed to print some training manuals I had paid for from a certification program and I planned to finish the lessons immediately.

Here is what happened. Since I was the one who needed it the most now, I had to figure out a way while my husband just felt we would get it done later.

I started putting pressure on seeking the knowledge I needed and I spent more time watching videos, then I decided to do something I had not done before – check the WiFi if it had WPS function. Guess what? I found it somewhere, very small. You can even miss it if you’re not searching diligently on the WiFi. How come I had never noticed it? This ignorance kept me stuck for 5 days without progress. It was so small that I actually ignored its purpose all the while until I searched for what it looked like.

But I also found it because I was more desperate than my husband since I needed it to progress at that point in time.

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Do you know sometimes, what you don’t know may be affecting your ability to progress in your relationship? This happens in life generally. You may also become too familiar with certain things that you don’t even know when you are struggling because of a lack of acknowledgement.

What are the lessons? And how does it apply to your relationship?

1. You may be experiencing the same kind of patterns in your choice of partner and relationships because of a major aspect of your life that you haven’t explored yet. For instance, your past, your upbringing, your values or your expectations.

2. Even when it is a healthy relationship, you may be currently stuck because you haven’t discovered how your partner thinks, or their emotional needs in terms of having a healthy connection.

3. You may also be having issues with love and dating because you haven’t sought out for the knowledge you need. This is very common since some people believe that head knowledge is enough to confront the issues of love.

4. In life, you can’t afford to be simple, you have to choose between being wise or foolish. You can be any at some point but let your desire for growth push you into transformation. Embrace the power of research and knowledge but most importantly is, applying the knowledge.

5. The answer to your problems might be around you but you haven’t taken note or your life partner might be one of your friends but you’re ignoring and waiting for someone more fancy.

Imagine the breakthrough I had because I put in more effort, diligence and quick application?

What would happen differently in your life if you took your self-awareness journey more seriously? What changes would occur in your love life if you paid attention to the values and beliefs system in the persons you are meeting?

What did you learn from this? How can you apply it to your love life and relationships?

What is that thing you need to do now that can get you the result you need?