• Monday, December 04, 2023
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‘Ogelle’ set to revolutionise how African content is served globally

‘Ogelle’ set to revolutionise how African content is served globally

Reddot Television Network Limited on Thursday announced the coming onboard of its new product, Ogelle, an online resource and entertainment user-generated content platform targeting to become the highest aggregator of African content with at least 5 million content creators in the next three years.

Ogelle, the first user-generated content in Africa with 100 percent focus on African content from films to music, comedy, tourism, cuisine, vocation, news and lifestyle, according to Osita Oparaugo, CEO, Reddot Television Network Limited, will revolutionise the way African content is served globally.

“We want to ensure we bridge the gap between content creators and content consumers. This is our focal point. We will in the next three years become a platform that will be considered the highest aggregator of African content with at least 5 million content creators and more,” Oparaugo announced at a press conference in Lagos.

Ogelle, an Igbo word that translates as “gong”, is symbolic as a tool for information dissemination, he said.

“Ogelle is not a television station but rather a resource and entertainment platform where the general users can create their own channels, create their own content, upload same on Ogelle and the world is watching. With Ogelle, every African now has his or her own television channel,” he said.

Ogelle, he said, provides multiple opportunities for African content producers whose work will now be available around the globe, thereby giving them a global voice. It also presents lovers of African content with world-class content that is rich in Africa’s customs and traditions – bold, diverse and globally appealing.

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“The process is easy. Any content creator in Africa is allowed to go on the platform to create their content on our platform free of charge. If people’s view on your content reaches any of our thresholds, we pay you for creating nice content,” he said.

He explained that the company would pay $500 to any content producer whose content hits 100,000 views, while 1 million views will attract payment of $5,000.

Oparaugo, however, said the platform does not allow the uploading of repulsive content line pornography, violence, and much more.

Also of great importance on the Ogelle platform is its vocation centre. Tagged Ogelle Vocation, the section which, according to Oparaugo, presents an excellent avenue for learning, allows vocations training content creators to upload their training modules on different skills so that interested persons can come and learn.

“Our key strength lies in our extensive creative sector knowledge backed up by a network of commercial relationships which provides Ogelle with the opportunity to act as the bridge between creative content creators and consumers globally,” Oparaugo said.

“At the same time, we create competitive returns for content creators by monetising any content that exceeds 100,000 views produced in line with our partner programme,” he said.

Running on four dedicated servers on Amazon with quality and crisp video experience, Ogelle (www.ogelle.com) could be accessed on Androids, TV and all internet-enabled platforms, Oparaugo said.

He added that the firm is working with a global team of experts, industry insiders in content creation, acquisitions, distribution, film financing and film production.

“Together, we leveraged our pan-African and global network of relationships to establish Ogelle as the first only-Africa UGC resource and entertainment centre. Africa is indeed content,” he said