• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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AY to Seun Kuti : I didn’t call your daughter a dog

I didn’t call your daughter a dog – Comedian AY responds Seun Kuti

The comedian Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has refuted claims that he called Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti’s daughter into a dog.

Kuti recently admitted that he made fun of AY when a fire destroyed his home because, in a skit video, AY allegedly labelled his daughter as a dog.

In response to Kuti’s accusations, AY addressed them in a video message on his Instagram page, where he tagged the singer. He said that the dog in the back seat of his car in the skit was a metaphor for Hilda Baci, the holder of the Guinness World Record, who was at the time becoming well-known for consuming dog meat.

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He said, “Hello, Seun, this is to address the sensationalism that’s been created around the social media space. I decided to respond to this because you mentioned your child.

“I love children. So, the minute you referred to the skit I did addressing your baby as a dog, I just felt the need to address this. I’m one human being who looked for a child for 13 years. I don’t think I will find myself in the position to mock a child and refer to that child as a dog.

“Concerning the skit I made sometime in June, I want to categorically say that I’m a stand-up comedian. As stand-up comedians, we run social comments on different activities on trending issues. But I’ve come to understand that in Nigeria now people take comedians seriously and take politicians as jokers.

“If you’re familiar with my brand and style of comedy, AY Live, everything that you see I do, I do a lot of stage dramas, and then we just talk about trending issues. Now, the skit was a reflection of trending issues. I talked about fuel subsidy which was trending at that time. And if you recall, at that time, Hilda Baci and Enioluwa were both trending for eating dog meat. And a woman called them out. And then I mentioned the name Hilda [in the scene where the dog was sitting in the back seat of the car in the skit]. That was what I was portraying in that video.”

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Hilda Baci was the one who, according to AY, was meant to take offence at the video, but she recognised that it was a joke.

He continued by saying that Seun Kuti had previously mocked him and even chastised him for receiving a national award from the president.

Seun Kuti responds

In the meantime, Seun Kuti has disregarded AY’s justifications, claiming that “the timing of it [the skit video], the meaning of it, nothing was lost on me.”

On his Instagram page, he wrote, “You are a dick bro. Your move was a dick move. I ain’t interested in your explanations cos I watched your video. The timing of it, the meaning of it, nothing was lost on me. I will only address your lies. Your children are ‘bla bla bla’ speech. The only person sitting in the back seat of my car was my daughter! What did you put in the back seat of your dry skit?! You guys must really think you are something you know. You must think you are something! The spineless behaviour that you all call careers, you must think it’s something. Werey dey tag me for video sha. Negro, please!!”