• Friday, December 01, 2023
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Made Kuti, Fela’s grandson ties knot with lover Inedoye

Made Kuti, Fela’s grandson ties knot with lover Inedoye

Omorinmade Kuti, better known by his stage name Made Kuti, is an Afrobeat singer who married Inedoye Onyenso.

Wednesday morning, Made shared a post on his Instagram handle that read, “Today, a love story that began with two characters continues into one.”

The couple announced their engagement in November last year.

Made Kuti is the son of Afrobeat superstar Femi Anikulapo-Kuti and the grandson of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the renowned pioneer of Afrobeat.

There are videos and images online of Afrobeat legend Femi Kuti and his ex-wife Funke celebrating their son Made’s official marriage to girlfriend Inedoye Onyenso.

In response to her son’s special day, Funke Kuti, Made’s mother, shared her feelings on her Instagram page.

She went on to say in her Instagram post that she was deeply content and happy.

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“My darlings, Omorinmádé and Inedoye, today I gained a daughter.”

“Today, as you embark on this beautiful journey towards forever, my heart fills with immense joy and pride.

“As I reflect on the love that has blossomed between you, I am filled with gratitude for the wonderful individuals you have become and the love you share. May your love always be the guiding light that illuminates your path, even during the darkest of times. May your commitment to each other grow stronger with each passing day, nurturing a bond that is unbreakable and enduring. May the love and respect you have for one another deepen, inspiring you to be the best versions of yourselves. On this special day, may your marriage be blessed with unwavering faith, trust, and understanding.

“May you find solace and comfort in each other’s arms, and may your hearts always be filled with compassion and kindness. May you face life’s challenges together, drawing strength from the unwavering support you provide for one another. As you exchange your vows and promise to love and cherish each other, may those promises be etched into the very fabric of your souls. May you create a home filled with laughter, compassion, and endless love, where your spirits are nurtured and your dreams are cherished. I am honoured to witness this sacred union and share in the joy that radiates from both of you.

“Today, we celebrate not only your love but also the beautiful individuals you are, and the remarkable journey that lies ahead.

“With heartfelt prayers and Endless Love Mum❤️”