Olubukola Adewuyi – CEO, Supreme Education Foundation Schools

Olubukola Ola Adewuyi is the CEO of Supreme Education Foundation Schools. She has helped to create a world within Supreme Schools where everyone has the opportunity to learn in their varying desirable ways peculiar to them, a world that truly acknowledges that everyone has the potential to exceed expectations.

She is a lawyer turned educationist with extensive and rich career experience spanning over 15years working within the education sector.

She has demonstrated exceptional abilities and competence to transform teams, culture as well as institutions through her visible impact and outstanding results. She has shown intense capacity as a school leader in some of Africa’s leading academic institutions.

Olubukola Ola Adewuyi is a breed of both the African and European education experience. She is known as the opportunity expert due to the ease with which she consistently drives change, improvement, and development notwithstanding tough and challenging terrains.

Adewuyi is not just a professional, skilled in educational administration and management, but an effective teacher, able to mentor effectively to others as well.

As a trainer and facilitator, she is known for exceptional delivery at workshops, masterclasses, and conferences within the industry and beyond.

She has facilitated at some of the top platforms powered by leading educational associations like APEN, AISEN, NAPPS as well as some mainstream platforms.

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Olubukola is a change management specialist with a special focus on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems, job roles, and organisation structures.

She has a Master’s in Education from Middlesex University, London, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (Middlesex London), Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) (Middlesex London), and Diploma Early Years Education (Darnley Career Academics London). Barrister at Law (Nigeria Law School) and Bachelor of Law (Lagos State University).

Adewuyi is a WIMBIZ Associate, a member of the General Teaching Council of England (GTCE), a certified Family Life System Expert and Coach and member of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA).

Driven by a passion for the childcare sector, Olubukola joined one of the largest primary schools in the United Kingdom – Raynham Primary School, London. She then proceeded to Grafton (Infant) Primary School, United Kingdom.

She returned to Nigeria to contribute to organisational growth, workforce, and academic development, among others at Lekki British School (LBS), Lagos.

During her tenure as head of school at Lekki British School, she fostered the development of academic policy and initiatives within the context of the long-term strategies of the school, promoted excellence and improvement in all matters of teaching, learning, research, and administration and ensured the regular review, evaluation, and development of programs offered by the school.

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