Lilian Ebuoma – Co-Founder, Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre

Lilian O. Ebouma leads the team of experts in Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre. Her vision is to challenge the status quo regarding access to quality healthcare in Africa, particularly for women.

At Lily Women’s Health Breast Cancer Centre, Ebuoma plays a leadership, as well as a hands-on role in the strategic planning, implementation and maintenance of all clinical program guidelines and growth strategies necessary to ensure Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre’s success not only in the breast care industry but also in local communities.

She sets the company’s strategic growth by providing vision and direction to the whole organisation, working in close partnership with key players from the health system, hospital campuses, Physician leaders and groups, communities and the internal teams.

All her functions are in support of the delivery of quality breast care and achievement of a world class breast care centre, not only in Nigeria but all over Africa.

She has been educated in prestigious universities (including Harvard Medical School) in the United States with Magna Cum Laude citations in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is a Doctor of Medicine, with Diagnostic Radiology Specialisation and sub-specialisation in breast imaging and intervention.

With more than a decade of experience in Radiology and Medicine, she brings together a team of other experts to Lilly Women’s Health who are on a mission to save women’s lives in Nigeria and eventually all of Africa from breast cancer.

Lilian O. Ebuoma is also the President and Founder of Lilly Cares Foundation, a non-governmental organisation that engages in activities that empower, develop and enrich women in the society.

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Under the Lilly Cares Foundation, several programs exist to ensure that awareness, outreach and access to quality health services related to breast health are met.

As a leader, Lilian Ebuoma inspires team Lilly to utilise their wealth of knowledge and experience to the overall integrity of the organisation and for the absolute service to patients and to mankind.

A staunch believer in activating human potential, Lilian inspires, encourages, and motivates others for the purposes of transformational and transcending life change. She passionately cultivates behavioral change in others to build capacity and live their lives for the ultimate betterment of society.

She is a certified professional coach, trained at the world renowned Harvard Affiliated Co-Active Training Institute. She is an Associate certified coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching at McLean, Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

In collaboration with similar minded individuals and organisations, she aims to activate human potential to the next level for the development and activation of next generation leaders through transformational coaching.

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