• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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BLOSSOM OZURUMBA – Deputy Manager, Digital Engagement & Social Media Community Manager, NNPC Limited


With a robust portfolio spanning over 15 years as a digital media engagement leader, innovation management professional, and strategic communications expert in the energy sector, Blossom has consistently outperformed expectations.

Her unwavering enthusiasm for architecting comprehensive communication strategies, orchestrating digital communities, and synergising cross-functional teams has culminated in a remarkable track record of achievements.

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As a digital engagement leader, Blossom has capitalised on her vast experience by leveraging cutting-edge digital media technologies to engineer formidable online presences for organisations, positioning them as dominant forces in their respective industries.

Her acute acumen in stakeholder engagement, multicultural team management, and data-driven insights has been a pivotal driver in delivering success across a diverse array of projects.

Blossom prides herself in her ability to meticulously analyse and optimise digital engagement initiatives, guaranteeing tangible ROI and continued improvement while cultivating stakeholder engagement that has accelerated business growth for numerous organisations.

Her certifications in innovation management, public relations, and change management have proven instrumental in devising and executing high-impact results for these organisations.

Her exceptional leadership skills, fused with her communication and media management prowess, have empowered Blossom to consistently drive successful outcomes and solidify a reputation for excellence.

Armed with her steadfast commitment to success and mastery of digital engagement, Blossom is poised to help organisations ascend to new heights and secure their status as undisputed leaders in the digital media space.

In her role as Deputy Manager, Digital Engagement & Social Media Community Manager, NNPC Limited, she spearheaded a remarkable 23.8% increase in their social media followership, surpassing the annual target by 3.8% and achieving a combined growth of 870,184 across multiple platforms.

On digital content creation, she demonstrated exceptional creative leadership by producing over 375 engaging digital assets for NNPC Limited, exceeding the year-end target by 275% and ensuring brand alignment across various media.

When you talk about brand exposure and customer satisfaction, she successfully elevated NNPC’s brand on social media, maintaining over 100% brand consistency with key elements and achieving a remarkable 81.51% customer satisfaction index score, significantly surpassing the 40% target.

When it comes to social media performance reporting, she delivers comprehensive social media performance reports with 100% accuracy, covering five key metrics within 72 hours post month-end, showcasing a 25% improvement in efficiency over the set targets.

On influencer relationship development, Blossom exceeded the target by 200% in establishing partnerships with nine key social media influencers, enhancing NNPC Limited’s brand presence without incurring additional budget expenses.

Ozurumba is a catalyst for digital media engagement, innovation, and strategic communications, delivering data-driven insights for global success in a dynamic energy sector.