• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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GRACE IBHAKHOMU, influencing change through investment and wealth coaching


Grace Ofure Ibhakhomu is a gifted strategist, wealth coach, and force to reckon with in the global business and real estate spectrum. A seasoned cash-flow and investment expert, a global business leader, author and founder of the Limitless Woman Community, and a woman of deep-reaching inspiration, purpose, and drive. She is the CEO of Lifecard International Investment Limited and founder of Lifecard University.

Grace Ibhakhomu is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School Owners Management Programme (OMP24). She sits on the board of high-profile businesses and has been recognised by top-ranking organizations like REDAN, REDA, BusinessDay, Royal African Awards, Impact Africa awards, the Clima Africa award, and the Origo Canada Award, amongst others.
Ofure, through several workshops and events, has taught individuals and businesses how to create, build and transfer sustainable wealth for life and to generations to come.
She is passionate about the gospel and is committed to raising kingdom financiers for kingdom advancement. She is also a seasoned speaker and has spoken across several local and international platforms including the WIMBIZ maiden London Conference held in October 2023.
Over 18 years, she has carved a niche and thrived in real estate, coaching, and business entrepreneurship, contributing innovative and growth-driven strategies across various industries.

What were your early years like and how has it helped to influence who and where you are today?

My early years were really challenging, but they made me what I am today because in all the seeming hardship and difficult terrains I explored, I evolved, and I am still evolving. I have always been business inclined, I went from selling palm oil for my mum in the village to selling fairly used clothes as a graduate in a big city where ladies were all about living the flashy life, to making and selling paints to painting houses myself, and finally discovering my major break in real estate and today, the rest is history. One thing I learnt in all these challenging years is that nothing is impossible as far as you set your mind on God and see only possibilities around you.

I was also very sensitive to my environment, so it was easy for me to identify and take advantage of opportunities when they came my way. I was not in a hurry to make money, I was focused on learning and gathering knowledge from people who had gone ahead of me, I was also focused on providing solutions for people and making their life experience easy. One thing that I became big on was impact, when I found the way, I wanted other people to enjoy the benefits as well and this has been my passion and my secret to lasting wealth and influence because people will always need solutions and I have positioned myself to be the solution to many generations.

Describe in your own words who a wealth coach is and how you are living in this line

A wealth coach for me is someone who has made the success and general well-being of others their life’s mission. Wealth is not just money, wealth is time, influence, network, health and a lot more than money. As a wealth coach, my focus is to help people create wealth, sustain wealth and transfer wealth to generations to come.

As an investment expert, what do you look out for before making or advising on an investment?

I am first specific about their level of knowledge about what they want to put their money into. If as an investor, you don’t understand the venture you are about to invest in, then you have a major problem. So, I advice that investors first seek to understand what they are putting money into, then I always tell people to carry out due diligence on the individual behind the investment firm first, then on the firm. This is because integrity of the person means integrity of the firm, also don’t be greedy, don’t be after unrealistic Returns On Investment. Go for what is real and attainable, not what sounds good to the ears. Figures on paper and in real life are different. Also look out for their affiliations and previous projects delivered, networks don’t lie, history don’t either.

Share on the Limitless Woman Community and the reason for its establishment, including progress so far amidst challenges

The Limitless Woman Community was divinely birthed by the Spirit of God. I was instructed specifically to work closely with women and make them into kingdom stewards. This can only be achieved when the women are financially sound and have a very good relationship with God. At the Limitless Woman Community, we are big on career growth and advancement, but we are even big on spiritual well-being and absolute dependence on God and not godfathers within the society. At the Limitless Woman Community, we are also passionate about our women excelling effortlessly in career pursuit, nurturing fulfilling family lives, contributing passionately to ministry work, and enriching social spheres. We are about kingdom financing, kingdom advancement and kingdom stewardship.

Tell us all we need to know about Lifecard International Investment Limited and Lifecard University

Lifecard Investment International was born out of a vision to curb financial losses through real estate investment. Over the years, I have seen investors especially Nigerians in the diaspora lose money to bad investments and schemes set up with a motive in mind. So, I set up Lifecard to help individuals create sustainable wealth through credible real estate investment. Lifecard University was set up to educate potential investors to identify credible investment opportunities and understand the real estate terrain. At Lifecard University, we are also big on career advancement and personal development. It is safe to say that Lifecard University is a learning hub for investors, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and people seeking business growth and strategy. Lifecard University is impact driven and has over the years gotten testimonials that are evident to the fact that lives have been transformed. Because we are all about impact and transformation, we want more people to be part of this vision and share their knowledge as well through the Lifecard university’s platform.

In teaching individuals and businesses how to create, build and transfer sustainable wealth for life and to generations to come, what have you observed?

I have observed that the biggest limitation of every man at any level is the mindset. The mind is so powerful and has caged the most talented and educated people. I have seen potentially rich men and women who cannot live beyond their present realities because they have a mind problem and have subjected themselves to limiting beliefs.

Share with us on your passion to raise kingdom financiers for kingdom advancement and why?

God is doing so much among the human race and there are only a few people that have made themselves available to propagate these works. It is my mandate to encourage people across various Christian denominations to passionately serve God with their resources. I have learnt from my spiritual father Rev’d Dr. Chris Oyakhilome that true and lasting wealth and affluence comes from absolute service to God especially from a place of giving; this is my life. I am a heavy giver and God has been faithful to reward my labour of love towards His kingdom. I love to teach Christians within the body of Christ to make money and also to serve God with their resources.

For Over 18 years, you have carved a niche and thrived in real estate, coaching, and business entrepreneurship, contributing innovative and growth-driven strategies. How have you been able to do this and what is your sustaining factor?

Over the past 18 years, my journey in real estate, coaching, and business entrepreneurship has been characterised by a combination of passion, resilience, and a commitment to innovation. One key element that has contributed to my success is a relentless pursuit of knowledge and continuous learning. In each of these fields, staying updated on market trends, industry best practices, and emerging technologies has allowed me to adapt and implement cutting-edge strategies. The sustaining factor throughout my journey has been a commitment to fostering genuine relationships. Building strong connections with clients, colleagues, and partners has not only opened doors but has also been instrumental in creating a collaborative environment. This collaborative spirit, coupled with a passion for what I do, has provided the foundation for sustained success.

Additionally, adaptability has played a crucial role. The ability to pivot in response to changing market conditions, technological advancements, and evolving business landscapes has allowed me to navigate challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. In essence, a combination of continuous learning, relationship-building, adaptability, and a genuine passion for my work has been the driving force behind my achievements in real estate, coaching, and business entrepreneurship over the past 18 years.

As a player in the real estate sector, what is it that buyers, sellers and those who desire to know about the sector need to know?

As a player in the real estate sector, I recognise the importance of transparency and informed decision-making for all stakeholders involved.

For buyers, market knowledge, financial preparedness, due diligence and realistic expectations.

For sellers, property preparation, accurate pricing, effective marketing and negotiation skills.

Your successful expansion in business operations internationally is commendable. Give us more details on this

Expanding our business operations internationally has been a transformative journey, marked by strategic planning, adaptability, and a commitment to building strong global connections. The success of our international expansion is a testament to the dedication of our team and our ability to navigate diverse markets. Our success in expanding internationally is a result of a holistic approach, combining strategic foresight, adaptability, and a people-centric philosophy. While the journey posed challenges, the lessons learned have reinforced the value of agility and innovation in international business operations.

What is the Billionaire Interior Designers Alliance initiative about? Why was it set up and what is the goal?

A lot of people have creative gifts that can be strategically converted to valuable assets, but they do not know how to harness their gifts.

The Billionaire Interior Designers Alliance initiative is a distinctive programme aimed at fostering the entrepreneurial and professional development of interior designers. This initiative, which is a collaboration with the Head, Interior Designers Association of Nigeria, Jennifer Chukwujiekwu, focuses on helping individuals with creative talents in interior design to transform these gifts into valuable assets. It is specifically tailored for interior designers who aspire to not only practice their craft but also to build wealth and own assets. A critical component of the initiative is the formation of strategic partnerships between interior designers and key industry stakeholders, particularly real estate developers. This approach underscores an integration of interior design with the broader real estate and property development sector. The ultimate aim of the initiative is to enable these designers to innovatively monetise their skills, potentially through strategic business models. The initiative is a mastermind programme, comprising a blend of mentorship, peer support, shared learning, and collaborative business partnerships.

What is the Grace Ofure Foundation and the Conscious Manifestation Conclave about and how are they impacting humanity?

The Grace Ofure Foundation is one of my expressions that is deeply committed to enriching and uplifting people through a variety of humanitarian efforts. Our mission centers on three fundamental areas: youth empowerment, women and children empowerment and poverty alleviation schemes. By focusing on these key aspects, the foundation has actively engaged in creating and implementing impactful programmes that cater to the needs of various people. The overarching goal of the Foundation is to restore hope and provide a brighter future for these groups, helping them become active and contributing members of the society.

The Conscious Manifestation Conclave is a sacred retreat that I have designed exclusively for women who are ready to embrace their inner power, strengthen their bond with God, cultivate self-awareness, and manifest the lives they desire to live. It’s held twice every year, where we visualise and manifest the outcomes we want from that year. This retreat has helped me realign my life goals in the right direction and intentionally manifest my present reality. It has made the same impact on everyone that has participated. I have an edition that will be held from 25th-27th January 2024, and it’s not open to everyone, there are attendance qualification criteria to meet.

In what ways have you practically experienced growth in life from the spectra of lack and abundance and how does it inspire your talks?

I have seen life at its lowest, I did not even begin from selling Okrika, I actually sold ice blocks at a point just to give offerings in church, but now, the tide has changed, to having turnover in 9 figures. My life is an inspiration to me, and I have used my story to inspire millions of people all over the world. Letting them know that if I could do it, they too can.

Many have opined that religion is one of the major “problems” in Nigeria. Is this true?

The perception that religion is a major “problem” in Nigeria is a reflection of the complex role religion plays in the country’s diverse socio-cultural landscape. Nigeria, with its predominant Christian and Muslim populations, alongside indigenous beliefs, often experiences inter-religious tensions. These conflicts are frequently rooted in deeper ethnic, economic, and political issues, and are exacerbated by the significant role religion plays in societal and political dynamics. However, attributing these conflicts solely to religion oversimplifies the situation, as underlying factors like poverty, unemployment, and inequality often ignite and fuel these tensions. Conversely, religion in Nigeria also serves positively, offering community, moral guidance, and contributing to social welfare. Notably, various religious groups and leaders actively engage in reconciliation and peace-building efforts. Therefore, while religion is intertwined with some of the challenges Nigeria faces, its impact is nuanced, acting both as a source of division and a force for unity and social cohesion.

What day are you never to forget and why?

I will never forget the day when I was selling okrika, that my money was stolen. N25,000 at the time which was all the money I saved from my sales and was going to feed my family from it. That day, I lay down on the crossroad and asked that a car come and crush me. I laid down there crying and the Holy Spirit spoke to me. That was the turning point in my life.

What are your personal and professional challenges?

I am a gifted strategist, and I have too many ideas. My biggest challenge is not being able to execute all the problem-solving ideas that the Holy Spirit gives me.

As it concerns Nigeria, what do you hope for?

My hope for Nigeria is a future where sustainable economic growth, political stability, and good governance prevail. I envision improved education and healthcare systems accessible to all, and a society that values its rich cultural diversity. Achieving peace, security, and environmental sustainability are also key to a thriving Nigeria where every citizen has the opportunity to prosper.

How do you understand mentorship? How have you benefited or given it?

Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person (A mentor) guides a less experienced or knowledgeable person (A mentee). It’s a partnership where wisdom, skills, and knowledge are shared, often leading to personal and professional growth for the mentee. The mentor provides guidance, encouragement and support, helping the mentee navigate challenges, set goals, and make informed decisions.

In my journey, I’ve had some mentors and coaches who have added great values to me. Now, in my capacity as a coach, I have raised several leaders through my mentorship and coaching programmes that cut across real estate, wealth creation, financial intelligence, among others, where I take them by the hand and guide them through their growth journey.

Mentorship for me is giving back, sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years and ensuring that my mentees don’t face the challenges I faced in my journey.

What advice do you have for that woman who has given up and is about to throw in the towel?

It’s crucial to take a moment to pause and reflect. You’re stronger than you realize, and past challenges you’ve overcome are a testament to this. Lean on God completely during these tough times. Reevaluate your goals. Remember, progress is often made in small steps, so set achievable goals and celebrate the small victories. Tough times can feel overwhelming, but they often lead to growth and resilience. You have the inner strength to face and overcome these challenges. Also get a coach, someone who has been where you are, and currently blazing trails. I have been there, and I can hold your hands and guide you through to fulfilling your purpose.

Concluding words

My greatest fulfillment doesn’t come from my own achievements, but rather from the achievements of countless individuals, including my mentees and students that I have impacted across the globe. I am deeply grateful to God.