• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Ama Onyerinma, Chair, Africa Sustainable Trade ChangeMakers


Ama Onyerinma is a global citizen with a vast professional portfolio. She is a recognised and respected sustainability entrepreneur, educationist, behavioural consultant and resilience coach, thought leader, author and podcaster.

Her professional endeavours across many continents are driven by her passion for people, specifically connecting people with opportunities for synergetic and impactful outcomes, which are beneficial for business and humanity. The key motivators of this work are sustainability, diversity and inclusivity. Crucially, equity, actualising trust and values she says are also important ingredients in a business or personal relationship.

As a serial entrepreneur, she is committed to developing a nexus of ecosystems to change the sustainability narrative and mind-set, to ensure trade, investment and development power, which are viable global exchanges of resources.

Ama is an intentional leader, whose operational focus is two-fold: How to effectively connect people with opportunities and how to implement and account for meaningful, impactful, and long term empowering economical and social change so that people and their communities thrive.

She continues to demonstrate exceptional managing board level skills as the Chair of ‘The Africa Sustainable Trade ChangeMarkers’. She is the immediate past Chair and the first woman Chair of the ‘British Business Group-Nigeria’.

Ama is astute in identifying opportunities, addressing challenges and harnessing the potential within an organisation and in individuals by stripping away the self-imposed limitations and unconscious biases which hinder the full actualisation of individual and team performance.

She masterfully employs her talents, skills, mind-set and knowledge across multiple disciplines, from neuroscience to cultural and social sciences in association with her unique level of creativity, as she artfully unlocks and brainstorms with businesses to design and implement bespoke models for individual, as well as team success which incorporate the desired objectives in an effective and viable manner.

Through her panache for leadership development, based on a keen understanding of human behaviour, the brain and coaching, she empowers leaders, teams and individuals to intentionally accentuate the desired outcome by enhancing the capabilities of their people through creativity, communication and participation thus they can collectively and individually thrive.

Her book, ‘Successes Don’t Fail’ explores the intricate complexities of human existence and the ability to traverse the human experience. According to her, this heightened resilience permits the navigation of change in how we connect, live and work and what is important for the viability of individual and corporate relevancy and prosperity.

Onyerinma is a passionate proponent for diversity, equality and inclusion within the workplace and the community. She embraces the ethos and intersectionality of the ESG and SDGs as the ethical principles of business and society which ensure the recognition and implementation of creating communities and businesses which are committed to environmental and social issues in an equitable global society.