• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Nigeria’s INViVOservices joins NVIDIA Inception program

NVIDIA Inception

INVIVOservices Inc, a Nigerian owned startup has recently been selected as one of the top female led startups to join the NVIDIA Inception program.

INViVOservices inc is a start-up business transforming the way individuals and enterprises interact via audio through ‘Baabell’ – a highly integratable software which offers real-time HD voice quality and translation for phone calls, video conferencing, social media, online and gaming among others.

NVIDIA Inception program is a learning accelerator for Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science and High Performance Computing (HPC) startups globally.

The accelerator invests in selected early stage startups that are leveraging NVIDIA platforms to accelerate and amplify joint platform synergies through NVIDIA Inception GPU Ventures; and offers DevRel support, increased marketing, discounted rates on technology and product lines, as well as free credits to sharpen their skills at NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI).

The globalization of markets, high prevalence of integrated enterprises and the growing need to provide web content and experience relevant to local markets and employees is fueling the growth of sustainable and inclusive organisations.

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However, approximately 3.5 billion speakers of about 5,000 non-dominant languages do not have access to AI powered translation tools – shutting them out of the internet’s most powerful benefits.

INVIVOservices is poised to address this problem with Baabell.

“Our company was born out of frustrating personal experiences when trying to connect professionally across noisy environments and language differences,” said Victory Oyekpen, COO, INVIVOservices Inc in a statement.

“We want to help people sound professional every time; and joining NVIDIA Inception is a big step to achieving that,” he said.

“Most startups at their early stages do not have the opportunity to make key partnerships of this caliber,” he added.