• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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ABiT Network Acquires College Situation Android App

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Nigerian blockchain-based startup, ABiT Network,  has acquired College Situation Android App.

College Situation is a three-week-old mobile app enabling African students to secure scholarships and fellowship programmes abroad. The College Situation android app developed by Favour Ori went live on February 9, 2020. But on February 28, 2020, ABiT Network acquired the barely three-weeks old android app.

Speaking on the acquisition, founder and CMO of ABiT Network, Gaius Chibueze said that he had always wanted to buy the android app startup and it took months to get Ori to accept the offer. According to benjamindada.com

The new acquisition deal will see Ori retain 2 percent ownership of the company for life, while ABiT Mobile Application will own 98 percent, according to a statement from ABiT Network.