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Meet Dorcas Onibode, entrepreneur who discovered solution to skin irritation

Meet Dorcas Onibode, entrepreneur who discovered solution to skin irritation (1)

Getting a cheap skin solution lotion has become a difficult task for many. But Dorcas Onibode, a Computer Science graduate of the Lagos State University (LASU), has made this possible as she provides natural oil which stays longer on the body and keeps the skin luster in any weather.

Dorcas is the CEO of Mama Dee Coconut Oil based in Ikotun and Lagos Island, Lagos. Dorcas had skin irritation from the chemical body cream she used few years ago. This experience made her seek solutions that would be affordable and suitable on the body. In her quest, she discovered a natural body cream that fit the bill.

According to Dorcas, starting the business was challenging financially, but she had to figure out something. “I couldn’t raise money to start, therefore, I became a distributor for a major producer of coconut oil in Badagry (Lagos) while also learning how to produce it. That was how I saved up my start-up capital,” she told Start-Up Digest.

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“I commenced business on the 1st September 2016 officially, but I have been helping people source for coconut oil from two genuine producers that I had known before I ventured into the business,” she said.

Speaking on how she learnt better methods and emerging trends in the business, Dorcas said that she used YouTube videos and other online platforms. Dorcas started this business with N8500. According to her, like many other businesses, all that is required in coconut oil production is a string of passion, zeal and consistency.

“It is not a herculean task, though it requires labour when you want to produce in large quantities. I don’t work alone; I have two younger ones that help me and I pay them,” she explained. “I am not yet where I want to be, but I am still working to reach a fantastic level and become more successful,” she stated, when asked where she is financially at the moment.

She said though there are challenges, entrepreneurs like her employ optimism to beat the tide. She stressed that she learnt to take her job seriously and to deliver with ‘zero error of parallax’.
Dorcas said that what encourages her to keep up is the love she has for the healthy use of natural and essential oil.

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“The keys, for me, are perseverance, consistency and courage. You don’t need to be discouraged even when patronage is low,” she pointed out.

Dorcas said the business is still growing, but stressed there are machines she needs to acquire to make work easier.

“They are expensive,” she noted.

On her source of raw materials, the entrepreneur said most of her inputs come from Badagry.

“I have supplied coconut oil individuals that use it for health and beauty purposes as well,” she added.

Speaking on her challenges so far, Dorcas said she needs funding for expansion.

“I need funds to make the packaging get up to standards. I need to get some approvals too,” she stated.

Dorcas added that if the government’s regulatory bodies can help SMEs with flexible registration, while the government provides them with cheap funds, Nigeria will experience a revolution. She concluded by advising that people who have nothing doing must discover what gives them joy and tap into it. “Start something, make it grow and do not despise the days of small beginnings. Every big firm started small,” she said.


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