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Meet Chinyere Kasakwe, a serial entrepreneur and author

Meet Chinyere Kasakwe, a serial entrepreneur and author

Chinyere Kasakwe’s inroad into entrepreneurship is not mainly for profit. Her challenging background inspired her to come into the space to make a difference, especially in impacting women.

Kasakwe, a serial entrepreneur, owns several small businesses – 2nice Luxury and Bryankas kids store.

According to the entrepreneur, she has committed to supporting several youths by nurturing them in careers and businesses across sectors for the past six years.

Kasakwe, a woman leader and a venture builder, pioneered the Global Trailblazers Network – a platform that inspires women and youths while creating networking opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Sharing her entrepreneurship journey, she said her desire to see women become the best of themselves was influenced by her mum.

“Growing up, my mum was available for everyone who needed her support financially, emotionally, and socially,” she added.

“In December 2010 when I lost my Dad, it became a struggle to keep up with life and I saw my mum go through hard times without any support.”

According to her, it was a tough moment for her mum as she became a pillar of support for her. “I was more like a friend and sister. I watched her tell people how much she has become brighter with so much hope to live her life again.”

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She revealed that she has a passion for growth and excellence which is what propelled her to launch her podcast, “The Trailblazing Life” where she shares inspirational thoughts to help individuals live their best life.

Speaking on challenges that her business is facing, she said, “The major challenge we face is the issue of funding. When I first started six years ago, it was tough, more like starting any business. I also face the challenges of getting the right team and plans for sustainability.

“Looking back now, I see the wisdom and benefits of getting a mentor early and connecting with the community of people in the same sector.”

“I made loads of mistakes trying to solve every problem that I encountered as it relates to women but then after having several opportunities to work with coaches that gave me more clarity and as such became more focused on my mission and that made my work easier.”

The serial entrepreneur has authored a book aimed at helping individuals succeed.

Commenting on the book, she said, “Time management and project execution is something a lot of individuals struggle with and this can lead to living an unbalanced life.

According to her, the book – Got Goals serves as a guide to setting goals. It provides a step-by-step format to help people plan and follow through with their goals.

She stated that it also serves as an accountability guide for people making use of the Trailblazers Planner thoroughly, noting that it has only recorded so many success stories.

She advised youths to endeavor to make meaning of their lives, urging them to learn to build strong networks and collaborate with others in their various fields.