• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Investing in broiler chicken production


The importance of animal protein to the survival and growth of human beings cannot be over-emphasised. Animal protein is one of the most important food items in the world. Protein helps in bodybuilding and growth, in the reproductive systems and in prevention of diseases. Animal protein sources include fish, beef from cow, goat meat, pork and chickens from fowls.

To get animal protein in commercial quantity, poultry broiler is one of the easiest sources.

Poultry broilers are special breeds of chickens, which are raised under intensive care for the sole purpose of being slaughtered within a period of eight weeks. Poultry broilers are rich in protein, highly palatable and very succulent.

Investment justification

Nigeria is about the largest market in the black world for food items. Market for broilers is also most automatic because less than 50 percent of food requirement in Nigeria is currently being met. To this end, whatever is produced will definitely get market, even at good price. The land requirement for broilers production is very minimal. 10,000-broiler farm will need about two plots of land for effective take off.

Broiler production is highly profitable. Percentage return on investment is about 50 percent. Market also exists in other African countries such as Niger Republic, Chad Republic, and Northern Cameroon.

The recent ban on importation of frozen chicken has made commercial broilers production lucrative as competition between imported and the locally produced has been removed.

The fear of birds dying has been reduced to a minimal level with advancement in production of vaccines that prevent and cure the usual diseases associated with poultry. A serious minded broiler farmer can also insure the birds with the Agricultural Insurance Company.

Investment in broilers production shall definitely improve the economic well being of the promoters, provide job opportunities, and increase the productive capacity of the nation, provide more food for the nation and reduce social vices.

Raw materials for feed ingredients for poultry broilers production are readily available in Nigeria . They include such items as maize, groundnut cake, soya cake, palm kernel cake, wheat offal, rice bran, bone meal and the oyster shells. These items can be sourced conveniently in the country.

Technical information

To establish a poultry broiler farm, a farm site that is accessible all the year round is acquired. On acquisition, poultry house is constructed with a section as brooder house to nurse day-old chicks for two weeks before being transferred to the broiler pen.

Interested investors can be put through in the areas of design and construction poultry house. On construction, wood shavings are needed on the floor of the houses before day-old chicks are brought in. Day-old chicks are procured from reputable hatcheries located all over the country, especially in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Oyo, Warri and Sapele. Prospective investors can be assisted in the procurement of day old chicks. On purchase of day old chicks they are brought to the brooder house already built. Broilers stay in the brooder house for two weeks before they are transferred to the broiler pens. Other routine works needed on daily basis are poultry drugs administration, feeding with well-formulated poultry ration and provision of clean water.

Within eight weeks of intensive feeding, the broilers would have reached table size ready to be sold to interested consumers, hotels, food canteens, catering houses and reputable markets. A large-scale broiler farmer may eventually go into the sale of frozen chickens through investment in processing and freezing.


On the establishment of the farm, 10,000 broilers can be raised within eight weeks. This can be repeated at least four times in a year. A clever investor will have processing unit and freezing facility and marketing outlet with the project.

To raise 10,000 broilers, a minimum of N300 net profit is realisable from a bird. Total profit realisable by cycle is N3,000,000. This can be done four times in a year, net income of N12 million is achievable. There are living examples of farms in Nigeria that have made fantastic income from broiler chicken farming. Investors can be assisted from inception to the actualisation of this project.