• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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‘I was inspired by the need to create value’


While many graduates comb the streets in search of jobs, Segun Opebi, 2007 graduate of mathematics and statistics is already an employer of labour running the business  he started as an undergraduate at the University of Lagos, since 2006.


Kristal Stone Pro Co Ltd is into Exhibition/ Conference management, Branding and trade promotions through exhibitions. Among their exhibition portfolio includes the Phonetopia Mobile Phone Exhibition, The Mother and Child Expo which are initiatives of his company. They are also the exhibition consultant behind the just concluded Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health (AFRH) Conference 2014, which held at The oriental Hotel, Lagos.


I was inspired by the need to create value while I was an undergraduate.

I saw a gap in entertainment vacumm while on the campus. So I organised a musical concert and other entrepreneurial seminars to develop the capacity of other young student entrepreneurs. With some friends who partnered with me, we marketed these programmes and got some corporate organisations to sponsor/ partner with us. The organiSation was initially registered as a business name while on campus, After I graduated, I upgraded the registration as a limited liability company.


Our First major challenge was getting funding to execute some of our projects, which made things drag and our events shabbily planned. This line of business involves a lot of logistics, publicity, and concept development. Solid capital is required to build a strong brand and a credible identity to compete effectively in the market.

Then later we faced the credibility issues, we were able to solve this after we became members of the Lagos Chamber of commerce and Industry (LCCI) and other business networks and solid referral from organisation we had worked for.

We have been focusing mainly on the telecoms and mobile phone companies and  with the introduction of our new initiative “The Mother and Child Expo” which we partner with The Lagos State Ministry of Health to bring more enlightment on general wellbeing of all Mother and children through health care information, discount market for maternity and baby products.

We develop niche specific,industry specific or demography specific exhibitions and fairs for any segment of the economy. This would enable the major players in that market to reach their target audience and get the right information. We also offer training for the staff of companies to help them drive their marketing, road shows or promotions and Branding.


We want to become the foremost alternate organisation that has to do with capital and human development through Exhibitions, Events and Promotions. Kristal Stone is unique in that we offer originality of concept. For every of the initiatives we offer, we are the first to develop it. We are also result oriented, and that is what is pushing us forward.


I advise fellow young gradates to add value to the society they are in and they would Get paid for it. Rather than look for a job, look for needs that you can fill and become the solution to that need.

If you are genuinely adding value, you will definitely get paid for it.  Then you must be consistent and never give up, against all odds. Soon your light and identity will shine in the market place.