• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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How to finance your business indirectly (6)


I agree with him very much and much more as he avers that in business, you need a lot of contacts to do well. Learn to develop business contacts, taking every opportunity that throws itself to you to make introduction, whether in church, social gatherings or mails. Exchange your business cards and try to follow your new contacts up with phone calls. Who knows, one day they may need your services. So, start today to build your network for your business tomorrow!

As mentioned earlier, supply or contract business is one of those businesses whose capital can easily be raised by your effective chain of network. Once you are able to secure the LPO (Local Purchase Order) for the contract, all you need do is tender it before your chain of network that introduced you to the source of LPO or better still to anyone you feel can finance the project within the network.

Of course, their confidence in you is based on the fact that they trust you as a man of integrity. Based on your agreement, the profit is shared so that each party happily smiles to the bank. Now, did you use your money to execute the deal? No, but you have risen from your low state of no capital to somewhere and you can reinvest your profit. You are already arriving on your way to the top. Just little by little like this, you will get your Big Breakthrough.

What if you are not able to get someone who may wish to finance your business? That is exactly the question in your heart, isn’t it? Don’t worry! Take another step within your contacts or network. Check out for someone dealing on the products you are to supply within that chain. If there is none, may be one of them knows someone who does. If you can’t get immediately, extend the research further within that network.

Somewhere along the network, there must certainly be someone that God has positioned to know another person who probably knows yet another person, and so on. Yours is not to get tired and relent. Make enquiries for that is the essence of network.

Never abuse the privilege of a network for it works stronger on the platform of integrity, trust and confidence. May you always find yourself in the network that matters! It is a God-ordained chain to ensure that you are not trapped in the pursuit of your goals. It has worked for many; it shall yet work stronger on your behalf. You shall not fail!



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