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How Ogunwale helps SMEs find business clarity

How Ogunwale helps SMEs find business clarity

Bukola Ogunwale, chief executive officer of Business Coach Zone is helping hundreds of individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) find clarity in their careers and businesses.

Ogunwale said SMEs need the expertise to grow their businesses and that the Business Coach Zone is helping owners develop necessary templates and structures to help improve their businesses.

She assured that when business owners interact with courses developed by the Business Coach Zone they gain the vital skills and tools needed to help them successfully scale their organisations.

She hinted that her organisation also helps people in careers to understand and inculcate the notion of working as entrepreneurs, so they can take ownership of their job functions and grow as they help their organizations to grow.

Ogunwale who is also a co-founder of i-Fitness Gym and a founder of Coach B Fitness Zone disclosed to BusinessDay that she was inspired to commence her SME coaching business to fill the knowledge gap that entrepreneurs face in business know-how and profitability.

“Passion alone is not sufficient to build a company. There must be industry know-how, there must be a determination to provide the solution to problems people are grappling with,” she said.

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“Entrepreneurs need to keep good records to ensure that they are not just doing business activities but are making a good profit,” she further said.

She noted that businesses are at their best when owners are at their own best.

“Not everyone goes to school for a Master’s degree in Business Administration before they start their businesses. Some people are fortunate enough to go for MBA, but the concepts may not be broken down or relatable to their business terrain. Hence, there is a need for business clarity for entrepreneurs if they are going to contribute significantly to the economy of their countries,” she explained.

The lawyer-turned- SME coach stated that many female entrepreneurs found their way into the business world because they had a passion for it, they had the funds for it, or they lost their jobs and needed to do something else.

She noted that many do not take time out to be trained in the business aspect of their passion, and this is a major reason why their businesses struggle, adding that Business Coach Zone fills this gap by training entrepreneurs regardless of their reasons for starting a business. She assured that they will gain clarity, overcome the hurdles and attain success

She disclosed that her organisation which has been running for three years now has successfully helped hundreds of women to reach their goals, helping clients who had never done business before to set up profitable businesses.

She also mentioned that some clients who had run their businesses at a certain level of success come to the Business Coach Zone so they can upgrade to higher profits and impact.

She has helped lots of businesses re-invent themselves through Business Coach Zone to survive the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Perspective is everything, and with the right coaching, everyone can discover within them, particular needs of their society or the world that they can meet and be rewarded for,” she said.

“It is indeed true that many people have been pushed into depression and now more than ever, attention needs to be placed on mindfulness and wholeness. We can’t ignore the necessity to live balanced lives anymore.

“This is why my courses focus on all aspects of a person’s life while capitalizing on their income generator, businesses, and career growth.”

Some of the courses offered at Business Coach Zone include the Business Clarity Course, The CEO Personal Growth Course, the Fitness Mindset Course, the Doer’s Course, and the Staff Training Manual among others.

Bukola Ogunwale said she also has an app called the Vision Journal App that helps users to be more intentional and to take charge of their lives rather than following the bandwagon.

“My latest coaching package is the Personal Reinvention Toolkit Program, a membership program that hands clarity, growth, and execution to move the participants’ life into the next level of success.

She says participants will have access to over 30 hours of content that will delve into every aspect of life and access to masterminds of fellow super achievers with whom they can embark on the journey to success and workbooks and resources that will ensure participants accountability.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to kick-start their businesses but have funding challenges, she advised that they zone out by focusing on what they need and rather focus on what they have, or what they can get.

“When you say you need money to start a business, what you need are the things that money can buy. For instance, someone who is waiting for the money to hire staff before he or she can start their business may find someone else who is willing to offer their professional services like accounting or administrative services in exchange for the products being created,” she said.