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How Chinwendu grew her jewellery business

How Chinwendu grew her jewellery business

Chinwendu Managwu is the founder of Luxurybycl – a Nigerian handmade jewellery small and midsize enterprise in Port Harcourt. The brand’s allure lies in stainless steel, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic jewellery—a unique proposition setting the stage for reinvention.

The brand’s products focusing on female jewelries include earrings, bracelets, wristwatches, necklaces, chains, and anklets. “I prioritise stainless steel, ensuring longevity and no tarnishing. I want clients to enjoy products without tarnish worries.

“Being hypoallergenic is important. I understand because I have sensitive skin. It is also crucial that things can resist water and not get ruined if you swim or shower with them.”

She was inspired to establish a jewellery business owing to her personal experience. “I started Luxurybycl due to a personal experience of wearing a low-quality earring, and it resulted in having a minor infection on my ear, and his lead to that piercing closing up as I have sensitive skin.”

“This is an experience I know many women have faced in one way or the other due to wearing bad jewelleries, so I made a point of only selling premium quality hypoallergenic jewellery that makes ladies comfortable in their skin without worrying about reactions. All our pieces are water safe and can last for years.”

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To change this for other women, in 2021 she launched Luxurybycl and launched it in 2022. The brand exemplifies informed entrepreneurship, reflecting the founder’s investment of N50,000 and knowledge amassed through jewelry sourcing education.

“I initially did a class to learn about the ins and outs of sourcing jewelry fully, and what I learned in that class, plus my experience so far, has played a vital role in the sustenance of my brand,” she said.

On how she maintains her target market’s trust, Chinwendu said, “I empathise with customers, envisioning how our pieces fit their lives. This stems from a clear understanding of our audience. Seamless social media integration forms lasting connections, offering behind-the-scenes insights and interactive discussions.

“I select items suitable for work, events, outings, and daily use. Quality is paramount, focusing on durable, non-tarnish, water-resistant materials to ensure lasting value. Understanding my customers’ preferences has helped me determine the quantity of each piece to get when stocking.”

On how she was able to stand-out in a highly competitive market, she said, “I pay attention to the sounds I use, the kind of content I create, how I describe my products, and knowing what my audience will connect with.

“I also show behind-the-scenes content and utilise my Instagram story to create more connection with my audience. I also use other platforms like TikTok to build more connections. I also do polls, ask interactive questions, and so much for occasionally. This helps me also ensure that I understand the needs and wants of my audience to stock products that resonate with them.”

To ensure high quality delivery and craftsmanship, she said the business has constantly pays close attention to the material details.

“Even when starting out, I ordered a few pieces from each supplier to confirm the quality and still abide by that same practice until now. When trying out a new supplier, I always get a few to inspect the quality before buying more for sale. This way, I ensure I’m not compromising on quality.”

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She envisioned Luxurybycl as more than a jewellery business —a comprehensive accessory brand. Adding sunglasses, hair accessories, purses, wallets, silk scarves, and essentials for fashion-forward women, the aim is to become a go-to destination for all accessory needs.

So far, Luxurybycl is a one-man show. Chinwendu handles everything that pertains to the brand.

“But the dream is definitely to grow and contribute to the economy by employing people,” she said.

On her advice for upcoming entrepreneurs, she said, “Take the time to learn about the jewellery business; if it means taking a class, then please do. It would help in the long run.”

“Another valuable tip is to understand who you want to serve. The jewellery market is diverse, and your business can serve different groups of people. This will help you understand the pieces to stock and sell.”

Luxurybycl is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs—education and understanding one’s audience guide this success story. Chinwendu’s solo leadership embodies a vision that extends beyond individuals, reflecting the power of innovation and commitment in shaping the jewellery landscape.