• Thursday, April 25, 2024
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How Anjolaoluwa is redefining beauty business


At a time when her mates were grappling with what to make out of life, Oladimeji Anjolaoluwa had her eyes set on what she had a passion for.

Through hard work, persistence, and creative prowess, she established Aribelle, a beauty brand operating in Lagos metropolitan, offering semi-permanent makeup services for ladies.

Anjolaoluwa was inspired to launch Aribelle by her passion for making others look good and confident. Since starting the business in 2022, it has grown steadily.

Her initial start-up capital was from personal savings, family, and friends. “I got about N800,000 from savings, family and friends to kick-start Aribelle.”

According to her, semi-permanent makeup is a capital-intensive business as it requires quality products that need to be disposed of after each use.

“Most tools must be disposed of after each client as they cannot be reused or shared. All these cost money, so you must invest in both your craft and tools.”

Before launching the business in 2023, she had received coaching that guided her through the pre-launch and launch phases.

“With a Bachelor’s degree in communications, experience in marketing and public relations, my mother’s business influence, and God’s guidance, I have been able to manage the growth of my business,” Anjolaoluwa says.

The communicator-turned-entrepreneur says she gets products for her makeup business from Alaba market and vendors across Lagos.

“The pigments I use for my semi-permanent makeup are from a Nigerian brand, and most of the tools used for my lashes are also from Nigerian vendors. I try my best to source my tools locally, thereby helping the country’s economic situation.”

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Anjolaoluwa uses cruelty-free pigments that are very safe for every skin type, as her clients’ health is her number one priority.

“We offer free personalized consultations for lash and brow services to tailor each service to each person’s face and skin type,” she says.

According to her, lots of value is not placed on artistic skills in the country which makes pricing for services cheap.

On the challenges she faced, she noted that perfecting her craft and paying for extra classes to learn again was challenging at first.

“Semi-permanent brows and lashes are not easy to learn it’s a hard craft, but once you learn it. It’s fun, really fun,” she says.

Also, she adds that getting clientele was and is still a challenge. “It is not easy for people to trust you with their faces.”

“However, because my services are quality, people are compelled to try services. We offer quality service and do not compromise on our products.”

Asides from being a semi-permanent makeup artist, Anjolaoluwa is currently in an Aesthetics school undergoing training to be a certified aesthetician.

“I cannot wait to start prescribing and offering treatments to people to help fix their skin issues,” she says.

“I know how acne and other skin impediments can reduce one’s self-esteem and I would love to help people gain their confidence and make them look as beautiful as they would ever be.”

On the business’s long-term goals, she says Aribelle plans to be the biggest international beauty service brand. “I want to own a space where every woman (young and old) can come in knowing that they can get their beauty treatments done and in a comfortable environment with the best experience,” Anjolaoluwa says.

“I also desire to teach young women passionate about beauty and self-care like myself.”

For upcoming business owners, Anjolaoluwa says, “Money is good, but ensure you’re offering quality services or products. Don’t compromise, money will come.

“Also, take classes and courses to learn and improve constantly. You’d make mistakes; sometimes it can be discouraging, but keep moving. I assure you it will get better.”