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How Abdulrasheed is building a consulting brand from Abuja

How Abdulrasheed is building a consulting brand from Abuja

Othman Abdulrasheed is one entrepreneur who is blazing the trail in Northern Nigeria. He’s a business coach, leadership consultant, and a new member of the revered Forbes Coaches Council.

Abdulrasheed resigned from his executive role in the oil and gas industry 13 years ago to kick-start his own business.

According to him, his entrepreneurial journey was sparked by a book he came across a few years ago. The knowledge he gleaned led to his discovery as a human capacity builder.

With every form of intentionality, the business coach went ahead to establish a business, known today as Business Leadership Consulting (BLC), based in Abuja, touching lives across the globe.

He has been in leadership consulting for about five years now. Having joined the Maxwell Leadership Team in 2018, where he became a certified coach and speaker and also a Certified Behavorial Analysis Consultant.

Giving more insight into how it all began Abdulrasheed noted, “While I was still an undergraduate, I came across this book titled, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne, where it majorly talked about the law of attraction and how the bedrock for all success is belief.”

“The learning from the book resonated with me such that I began using the principles in all areas of my life, to the point that even before I graduated, I had a business selling clothes, perfumes and watches. This helped me firm up my belief in human capacity.”

The leadership consultant explained further that the yearning to help others, kept pushing him to the extent that he enrolled in a course named ‘Mastering the Business of Your Talent.’

The result of my learning from the course was the writing and launching of my signature book, PUSH – ‘Propel Urself to Someplace Higher.’ From there, I began to organise PUSH master classes in Abuja, Lagos, Kano and Bauchi. That was when I started becoming aware of my love for teaching success principles.

In my office, as part of the leadership team, we went on three-day leadership training and while watching the resource persons deliver their presentations, I had this intuition that this was what I wanted to keep doing.

However, after the first day, I started researching leadership training and certification. I discovered that every time I searched about leadership, the name John Maxwell came up. This was what led me to join the Maxwell Leadership Team after which I got my Coaching and Speaking certification.

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In 2020 I left the oil and gas sector to focus on building my consulting business and the logistic start-up that I’m part of. The rest as they say is history,” he stated.

Describing some of his brand offerings, he said the business offers three core offerings which are Business Operations and Sales Strategy (BOSS).

“We realised that one of the biggest issues business owners have is lack of clarity. So, we developed a program to help business owners discover and deploy proper structure, efficient systems and a strategy to gain competitive advantage, so they can dominate their market.”

“We have the lite version which is a 90min session where we give business owners a quick road map they can deploy to see immediate results. We also have a full-day workshop in Abuja where we guide business owners through setting up structure, systems and strategy.”

On his advice to other entrepreneurs, he said, “dream big even though you are starting small. Start where you are with what you have.”

“Do not wait until everything is perfect before launching. With hard work and dedication, there is nothing you cannot achieve. It’s important to seek out mentors to support you on your path. To summarize it using one of my favorite sayings,” he advised. “Follow who knows the road,” he added.