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Grace Oyeniyi: Serial intrapreneur, HR professional

Grace Oyeniyi: Serial intrapreneur, HR professional

Grace Oyeniyi is a well-versed professional, an accomplished scholar and a public speaker with several years of specialised experience growing and managing businesses.

Grace possesses interdisciplinary experience, having worked in the educational, information, technology, finance, and non-profit sectors.

She is reputed for providing last-mile solutions in the world of human resources, business operations and public events. She is a venture builder and a pioneer of several ideas in a number of organizations.

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Over her multi-year career, Grace has worked with a broad range of organisations from start-ups to enterprises and even multinationals, ascending from grassroots levels to strategic positions, Grace has cultivated a multifaceted career trajectory, progressively advancing her expertise and influence within organisations.

Most recently, she joined Bloomfield Law Practice, a specialist commercial and dispute resolution law firm with a comprehensive broad-based approach to service clients on all aspects of their needs.

She brings a wealth of experience to Bloomfield Law Practice where she is currently the HR and Practice Manager from companies such as the Guaranty Trust Bank, FundQuest Nigeria (Finance), Jumia, Tuteria Corp (Tech), Waterfront Lagos and Casa Mia.

A thoroughbred professional, who spends her spare time mentoring women-led enterprises, promoting economic advancement for women and youth during her time with a non-profit organisation.

As a woman, she has faced several challenges, being a top female executive in sectors dominated by men, but she remains undaunted.

“In my starting out days, I was privileged to work with some of the best and some of the not-so-good classes of bosses and line managers,” she recalls.

“At a point, I was losing myself, thinking I was not good enough despite my background of being a front liner in almost everything I did including being a first-class graduate, a best graduating student from an A-list Federal University and championing innovative ideas in my first career place,” she explains.

“But honestly, those experiences shaped the type of human resources manager that I have grown to become and becoming,” she says.

“I want the workplace to have zero toxicity in both directions, bosses to staff and the other way round. I am delighted I am making an impact today and hope to take my career to the very peak obtainable on a global scale,” she added.

She holds an MBA from Rome Business School and is a recipient of the Rising Star Award at the PAWENPreneur Women in Professions Award in Africa as well as the Girlity Recognition Award in Abuja.

For her bachelor’s, she bagged a first-class honours degree from the University of Lagos, Akoka at the young age of 22, emerging as the best graduating in her department.

Before working with a multinational, after her National Youth Service, She served with AIESEC Global as a volunteer in India, where she received recognition in Indian Newspapers.

Grace is an associate fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society (United Kingdom), an award-winning public speaker, and an International Sign Language Interpreter. She was also awarded a President Bill Clinton Certificate of Service courtesy of the Hultz Prize Programme in 2016.

As a project management professional and a committed self and professional development devotee, she has won several awards and recognitions locally and internationally before the age of 23.

She has also gone on several courses and programmes including but not limited to Basic Banking School, and Citizenship and Leadership Training Programme among others.