• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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FinTribe founder says women’s financial stability critical to end discrimination, abuse

FinTribe founder says women’s financial stability critical to end discrimination, abuse

Jennifer Awirigwe, founder of FinTribe, a women’s finance community, has disclosed the need for women to be financially capable to avoid discrimination and abuse.

She disclosed this at the recently held FinTribe Finance Fair in Lagos stating that most women are subjected to a lot of abuse and discrimination which would have been avoided if they are financially stable.

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The event aimed to guide today’s women on building wealth and the latest trends and innovations in the financial sector that help them be stable financially.

“Every woman needs to be financially intentional with the present situation of the country. Women suffer from a lot of discrimination which if they are financially able, they will not be subjected to. When women are able to stand up for themselves financially, it limits the level of discrimination they face. The economy is a mess and turning around and people are suffering but when they know how they can actually do better, it will help their lives,” she said.

According to her, the FinTribe Finance Fair in Lagos aimed to close the financial literacy gap which starts from knowledge.

“It’s not as if people don’t want to do better with their finances but most times, they don’t know what to do. Here we have experts talking to them about investing in the stock market and others. As we are closing the gap, we are showing them exactly what they can do on the spot and sign up for services they need.No more procrastination. Financial inclusion and financial literacy is what we aim to achieve in the event today.”

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She added that women most times need gathering like the FinTribe Finance Fair to keep up and put what have already been thought into practice.