• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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‘Entrepreneurship trainers must have practical experience and education’



Hadur Consult, the entrepreneurship / business development training arm of Hadur started in 2011. Hadur Travel and Tours started over five years ago. Hadur Consult is into training and consulting services with special focus on entrepreneurial training. We also arrange in-house training for staff of companies, such as the training on marketing coming up May 23rd, this year.


The Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) programme of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has been successfully deployed in over 90 countries worldwide. It assists participants to successfully start, improve and grow their businesses.


We noticed that most businesses run aground after some months or a few years of commencement, it may or may not be after the demise of the founder. We believe if SME operators put good structures in place their businesses will not only grow but outlive them. We also noticed that many businesses do not have good record keeping, and without these key elements the businesses cannot succeed. So, we acquired the necessary training and backed with years of experience in running different businesses decided to set up an entrepreneurship training business. Our aim is to help our youths, and people in general who want to be their own boss, so they can use the skills they possess or learn new skills to start their own business rather than continue to languish in the labour market. We also help clients put structures in their businesses to grow and outlive them.


There are so many self-acclaimed business trainers and many trainees have been disappointed. Therefore, they are not so excited about attending other entrepreneurship training. But Hadur Consult uses modules that have been developed by the ILO. The ILO Start Your Business (SYB) programme uses participatory training methods and brings together the basic theory, relevant information and practical activities important for starting a business. These training modules have been tested in real life business situations and they have been found to work. So, the case studies used are drawn from real life situations.

Kevin Ibekwe, one of our past trainees, has this to say about the training. “One of the major challenges I experienced in the past was financial mismanagement. However, after I went through training in SYB, I can now manage my finances very well.”

Adeline Ojigho, another participant has this to say, “I enrolled and underwent the five- day Start and Improve Your Business training with Hadur Consult. It was a great eye opener as the training exposed us to various aspects of starting and sustaining a business. I realised that my plans were unrealistic because funds was a major challenge. I therefore decided to start my business from a position of strength. Since I was already a distributor to Bari- Frank Moringa, manufacturers of Moringa Oleifera powder, a natural immune booster and supplement, I decided to leverage on the immense health benefit of the product which was relatively unknown at that time. Utilising what I learnt at the SIYB business training and with my strong faith in the product and myself, I set out to work. On the 1st of November 2011, I resigned from my job and started marketing moringa. One and half years down the line, I have set up two exclusive moringa shops, as well as have many sales outlets both within and outside Lagos and I am not done yet. Today more people are aware of the health benefits of moringa than they were two years ago, thanks to our modest efforts. The vision is still in focus and it is only a question of time and I will get to my destination. I praise the Lord!

Hadur Consult also partners other ILO-trained consultants to deliver the training with the support of Master trainers, that is those who have received ILO training to even train trainers. I am one of the trainers and I have had over five years experience. I always advise that those who train others to run businesses successfully must themselves be tested and proven entrepreneurs as well as professional trainers. Starting or growing a business can be very challenging, but at the same time rewarding and fulfilling. But when it gets so rough, the business owner does not need to sail alone but should get those whose business muscles have been tried and can give professional training, advice or mentoring. By getting such professional help, certain pitfalls can be avoided.