• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Attracting customers through blogs


With the use of iphones, so many business owners or operators are able to connect with their clients all through the day, no matter where they are. Small businesses are now using blogs –free blogs which they could create in few minutes to inform customers of new items for sale. But this works best when the physical address of the business comes along with the info. This allows potential clients who need to verify the genuineness of the business before committing money.

Usually the business negotiation which starts online is concluded through face to face contact or phone. Kola Oyedeji, a farmer showcases his products on his blog. On getting calls or mails from potential clients stating what they want, he and the potential client negotiate through phone, online or face to face contact. The delivery of the product(s) is carried out physically through one of his staff which he sends to make the delivery after the client has credited his bank account even without face to face contact.

Many Nigerian small businesses may not be able to get clients in another country due to rejection of Nigeria payment cards in the making of payments online, but the hugeness of the Nigerian market is becoming more and easier to tap through the internet. The instant alerts banks provide when a transaction is carried out on an account has helped tremendously. So the business operator knows immediately the payment has been made.  As a result, so many business operators are connecting with potential clients online, usually the clients make the payment through online transfer to the seller’s account but sometimes they go to the bank to make the payment. After payment is made, the business operator’s integrity comes to play. If he is able to deliver according to expectation after receiving the money in his account, he gets repeated sales through referrals.

When the business grows, these small businesses then begin to advertise through conventional media. But when they are small, they develop their financial muscle by advertising cheaply online and thereby grow the business.