• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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5 Things Every Creative Entrepreneur Must Know


Creative entrepreneurship might perhaps be a vague terminology. But when you purchase the latest single from that boy band you love on iTunes or buy that trendy bag from your favourite designer’s summer collection, what you have done is reward the innovation of creative entrepreneurs.

According to an article on FastCompany.com several of history’s greatest thinkers relied on a secret weapon: doodling –the thing you find yourself mindlessly doing every time you’re in a meeting. From app developers to public speakers, interior designers, writers, visual artists, painters, etc. the list of creative enterprise is endless, but the skill required to morph creativity into business ventures (a.k.a make that hobby productive) is scarce. This blogs attempts to sign post ways which you can use your creativity to solve problems and make a living.

  • Ignore critics

Ignore critics. One day the dots will connect. Sometimes you find yourself fooling around in meeting and you quickly cut it out. But it happens again, and again. You might love watching animations or adding patterns to shirts you pick at the store before wearing them. First you might get criticised, but if you hang on it your natural instinct for such foolishness, it might just be the competitive edge you need in business. For example, Steve Jobs took calligraphy classes which, at that point, didn’t have any practical application in his life. But ten years later, when designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back. The result: the unrivalled aesthetics of Apple products.

  • Find your passion

Finding your passion seems a chore to some. But perhaps if phrase in another way – carve a niche – it becomes clearer. For someone interested in fashion, one good way to start is by asking yourself: what do I intend to bring to the market that isn’t there right now? Why should customers buy my designs? If you love Ankara fabric why not start making aprons with Ankara patterns and pockets. Be the best at it! What is that think you are most passionate about? How can you make money from it? Once you’ve become known for your niche, it becomes easier to diversify into other businesses.

  • See it through

Stay focused. Your dreams are your personal interpretation of how you see the world.
Stay on that path. Create new ways to be better at it. Be the best shoemaker. He who is diligent dines with kings! Not mean men.

  • Aim high

Starting small is necessary. But it doesn’t stop you from aiming high. You must continue to improve on your skill and act on every creative impulse – you never know which one will lead to the big time. Also make a list of top people in your industry and find ways to get through to them. Sell your idea, but keep your dream.

  • Get a Mentor

Mentorship might seem overrated. But several top entrepreneurs have emphasised the need for mentorship when towing the entrepreneurial part. Creativity needs nurturing. Creative entrepreneurs are not the best at business, but with proper, global stars like D’Banj, Deola Sagoe, Genevieve Nnaji, ASA, and Maki Oh have been able to turn their creativity into thriving brands. You can join the largest community of entrepreneurs and connect to business leaders and like minds who would help shape your business and creative impulses.

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