• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Victoria Madedor, Head Business Development, BOI Investment & Trust Co: Exemplary Amazon, adding values to lives through BOI

Victoria Madedor, Head Business Development, BOI Investment & Trust Co: Exemplary Amazon, Adding Values To Lives Through BOI

With a PhD candidacy in International Agribusiness, MSC in International Agribusiness and Trade, MBA in International Agribusiness and MBA in Finance and Banking, coupled with extensive experience, I excel in finance, consulting, and academia. Notably, I managed diverse risk assets in the real sector at BOI Investment and Trust Company, led Agribusiness SMEs fundraising generating N11.5 billion, and mentored over 1,000 youths in Access to Finance. As an adjunct lecturer and guest facilitator, I impart knowledge on entrepreneurship, business plan preparation, and fundraising. Consulting-wise, I conducted a poultry value chain analysis for a World Bank project and evaluated small businesses for grants. Professional roles at BOI Investment & Trust saw me raise capital for organizations, manage teams, and establish partnerships, achieving over 120% revenue growth. With a background in education, project coordination, Consulting and a stint in IT, I offer a holistic skill set adaptable to various sectors, especially agribusiness and finance.

What would you describe as the greatest passion that has brought you this far in your career?

My greatest passion lies in fostering economic empowerment and sustainable development, particularly within the agribusiness sector. Throughout my career journey, I’ve been driven by the belief that agriculture holds immense potential for transforming communities, lifting people out of poverty, and contributing to national economic growth. This passion has fueled my commitment to various roles, from financial management and advisory to consulting and academia.I am deeply motivated by the opportunity to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, whether it’s by facilitating access to finance for smallholder farmers, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, or conducting research to inform policy reforms. Witnessing the impact of my work, seeing businesses thrive, and communities prosper reinforces my dedication to this cause. Overall, my passion for advancing agribusiness as a catalyst for socioeconomic development has been the driving force behind my career accomplishments and continues to inspire me to strive for greater impact every day.

This year theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress, how do you think this can be achieve in the country?

Firstly, there needs to be increased investment in education and skills training for women, ensuring equal access to quality education and vocational training programs. Additionally, financial institutions and government bodies should prioritize funding and resources towards women-led initiatives and businesses, facilitating access to capital, mentorship, and support networks. Policy reforms are crucial to address gender disparities in the workplace, promoting equal pay, and creating environments conducive to women’s advancement. Furthermore, promoting women’s participation in decision-making processes at all levels of society and challenging societal norms and stereotypes are essential steps towards achieving gender equality and accelerating progress. By investing in women, Nigeria can harness the full potential of its female population, driving economic growth, innovation, and social development.

Can you assess the inclusions of women in different leadership positions in both public and private sector, would you say the women are being marginalized by their male counterparts?

There have been notable advancements in women’s representation in leadership roles, particularly in sectors such as education, banking and finance, development finance and healthcare which are private sector led, however disparities still exist, and women continue to be under-represented in many high-level positions mostly in politics and public leadership.

I recognize strides in women’s inclusion in leadership roles, yet disparities persist. In both sectors, women encounter barriers like gender bias and limited access to networks. While progress is evident, systemic challenges remain, such as the glass ceiling and unequal pay. Women must also first see themselves as leaders to avoid who are able to compete in other to eliminate marginalization by male counterparts. Initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion are vital for leveling the playing field and harnessing the full potential of all leaders, regardless of gender.

There has been an increase in the rate of rape and sexual abuse on the girl child, do you think social media has been a negative influence to the society especially on the female gender?

I acknowledge social media’s complex role in exacerbating issues like rape and sexual abuse against girls. While it can amplify awareness and facilitate support networks, it also exposes young girls to harmful content and predatory behaviors. Unrealistic beauty standards and cyberbullying further compound these challenges, affecting mental health and self-esteem. Education and digital literacy are crucial in mitigating these negative influences, empowering girls to navigate social media safely and assert their rights online. Additionally, holding platforms accountable for regulating harmful content is imperative in creating a safer digital environment for all genders.

What advice do you have for the girl child and women in general as we celebrate IWD 2024?

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, my advice for the girl child and women in general is as follows: On this International Women’s Day 2024, I urge the girl child and women to stand boldly in their worth and capabilities. Embrace your uniqueness and refuse to be limited by societal expectations. Educate yourselves, empower each other, and demand equality in all spheres of life. Remember, your voice matters, so speak up against injustice and support one another in solidarity. Cultivate resilience and strive for excellence despite the obstacles you may face. Together, let us continue to pave the way for a future where every girl and woman can thrive without fear or discrimination. Happy International Women’s Day!