The Boss Series: A must-have manual for startups and entrepreneurs

In 2019, the failure rate of start-ups was about 90 percent. Research concludes 21.50 percent of start-ups fail in the first year, 30 percent in the second year, 50 percent in the fifth year, and 70 percent in their 10th year. Patience Bamidele Amaebite is committed to changing this narrative through business coaching for start-ups and her via ‘The Boss Series’. She spoke to Stephen Onyekwelu. Excerpts:

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.
I am an author, Phenomenal Coach and Renowned Business Strategist.
I bring over 16 years of corporate experience in finance, accounting, process, and human resources to the table. I also hold certifications in brand building, customer relations, entrepreneurship, marketing, business strategy, and life coaching.
I help individuals and organisations take the leap into greatness and achieve results that they so desire. I am a professional and expert with several industry expertise and certifications.
My background in finance, business management, and global human resource management has helped me to navigate the corporate and consulting space in order to add immense value to my clients.

Why has it been your mission to support SMEs and startups?
Well, I honestly feel that in life we all must stand up and be counted. The deposit of knowledge and experience within me tends towards getting others help, support, and equally the needed boost to get out of the state they found themselves in.
Working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) provides an opportunity to help and reach more people and individuals. It’s also an opportunity to contribute positively to the economy.

How do you evaluate entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in Nigeria?
The statistics about how start-ups fail within the first two years of existence is enough motivation to see a decline of that reality.

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Evaluating start-up business and entrepreneurs might be a tough one due to several reasons. However, this is not to say that it is impossible.
The evaluation will be driven through context, the type of small business, location, market size and market share.
I think the business entrepreneurs have a huge task in their head; the task of providing value, staying consistent, scaling, and maintaining counsel. It is a promising reality and we hope they get things off the way.
In recent time, there has been a social media rave about your new book; *The Boss Series.* Tell us about it.
The Boss Series is the latest product that I have put together to end the ignorance and difficulties business leaders and owners face while running their business.
It is a five-part series book with the following title: Hey Boss, Go Boss, Flow Boss, Grow Boss and Show Boss.
The boss series is more than having any average book; they are tools for everyone who seeks a meaningful pursuit in life.

Please can you let us know what inspired the name ‘The Boss Series’?
The inspiration behind the name, title is the audience. I desire to work with bosses and improve their professional outcomes. Also, I see myself as a boss and leader, therefore this inspired the name.

What were the inducements, research, expertise that led to your book?
The books are a compendium of research online, offline, as well as within my knowledge domain. The combination of contemporary examples, as well as industry models on the specific area I am addressing in the book, brought the content to life.
The Boss Series is a product of surveys, weeks of research, and content development.

How did you manage to run your various businesses like *The Tribe of Oofy and WalletCubes* while writing this book?
I must confess that multi-tasking will place a huge demand for you. The tribe and other products that I manage were scheduled into engagements. Each aspect of the book was divided into segments and I also enlisted the help of a team to ensure that we were able to meet up the several demands of the project.

What are the challenges that Small Medium Enterprises face, and how does your book — The Boss Series help entrepreneurs to grow and scale through the challenges?
Some of the challenges small-medium enterprises face are issues of motivation, managing teams, vision alignment, professional and people development. These and many more have been addressed in the Boss Series.
The Boss Series does not only speak to the leaders but will ultimately affect the entire team and workforce. The ultimate outcome is growth.

Please how is The Boss Series important to the average entrepreneur in Nigeria?
The average entrepreneur needs hands-on support with the contextual reality of the issues within the domain of the entrepreneur.
With the Boss Series, we can guarantee the average entrepreneur will be able to lead sustainable business and contribute to the system.

What are some of the key takeaways you hope readers pick in your book?
Key takeaways from the book include: Growth must involve and affect all stakeholders; leadership for business requires growth, consistency, and competence; winning demands all from your team and visibility is key.

How would reading your book improve the mind-set, lives, and livelihood of the readers?
It is often said that readers are leaders. The books will definitely position the readers to gain insights and knowledge that is capable of translating them into true leadership. I am one who also believes that there is a correlation between knowledge and earn.
When people learn more they get to earn more. So, I am very positive the books will better every reader.

How can people get access to The Boss Series collection?
The books will be dispatched to strategic locations for delivery, pick-ups and also available via online stores, major book stores, and platforms shortly after the book launch.

Can SMEs/Start-ups connect with you for a One-on-One or Group coaching session, and how?
Oh yes, I am available for coaching and can be reached via Instagram – @deleamaebite, email –, telephone – +2348171318719 and my website is

About the Author

Patience Bamidele Amaebite leads the charge in propelling Individuals and Organisations as they start their journey into personal fulfilment, business intelligence, financial literacy and wealth creation.
She’s the Founder of ‘Tribe of Oofy’, an online learning, mentoring and coaching platform for bold and ambitious women and ‘WalletCUBEs’, a financial services company focused on wealth creation strategy and management.
She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Masters of Business Administration from two Nigerian Universities, and Masters of Science in Global Human Resource Management from the University of Liverpool, in the United Kingdom.
She brings over 16years of corporate experience in finance, accounting, process and HR to the table. She also holds certification in brand building, customer relations, entrepreneurship, marketing, business Strategic and life coaching.
Today, she offers a wide range of coaching programs, online courses and services, from individual coaching, corporate coaching, executive coaching, and training to seminar and keynote speeches. She’s also an author, sought-after keynote speaker, and personal and business growth strategist who works with organizations, individuals and TEAMs as a turnaround expert.
If YOU need to start and grow a business or personal brand that predictably generates leads, attracts new clients and, most of all, creates financial freedom and the lifestyle you desire, Dele is your go-to-source. She’s all about helping individuals build a sustainable, profitable and global brand.
She’s fondly called ‘The Springboard’ due to her expertise and strategy deployed into launching brands and individuals’ groups into greater heights. Dele is a conference speaker and has facilitated training sessions across the globe.
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