• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Sola Fatoba, Policy and Communications Lead (West Africa) at BURN

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Sola Fatoba is the Policy and Communications Lead (West Africa) at BURN. BURN has assembled a team of world-class designers and engineers who are equally committed to designing the most fuel-efficient cookers in the world.

As a strategic communications specialist, Sola has successfully partnered with top-tier stakeholders to drive organisational objectives and worked to support major corporate transitions for global companies, including business integrations, acquisitions and transformation.

She has demonstrated exceptional leadership as a Communications Manager and Government Affairs Executive across multiple regions, including the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Sola has implemented key enterprise-wide strategies, ranging from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to public relations, stakeholder management, and crisis management. Her responsibilities also extended to public policy advocacy, government engagement, regulatory agencies brand campaigns, and community engagement.

Fatoba’s commitment to excellence has been recognised with numerous awards. Awarded best Middle East Africa communications champion at GSK, she also led a Corporate Responsibility project in Africa that boosted employee engagement by 90%, and received accolades for coordinating effective corporate communications across three African nations and six commonwealth of independent territories including spearheading nationwide multi-channel disease awareness campaigns, one of which received a global award and contributed significantly to the Nigerian government’s National Value Vaccinations Strategy plans in 2018.

With a deep passion for intercultural dialogue, Sola leverages her communications expertise to craft content that resonates with diverse audiences. Her understanding of multicultural dynamics ensures her strategies and content are universally engaging. Her dedication to social good and international development is evident in her leadership of a social enterprise supporting over 130 charities, NGOs, and civil societies, and her role as the Chief Executive of one of West Africa’s largest indigenous foundations.

Furthermore, she is also a co-founder of Bloom Buddy. Bloom Buddy is a complete ecosystem that connects individuals, professionals and parents and caretakers with licensed specialists and board-certified interventionists for mental, behavioural and neurodevelopment wellness and support.

As a former Transformation Communications Manager, Consumer Healthcare–Separation Workstreams (UK, Global) for GSK, she was a team member on the transformation team responsible for telling a coherent story of transformation to leaders and global employees to help them feel excited, motivated and inspired by the company’s journey to becoming a new consumer healthcare company after the demerger from GlaxoSmithKline. Sola played a key role in delivering campaigns and communications to support major milestones impacting consumer healthcare employees as part of their separation activities in the run up to, and after Day 1, post-de-merger. She also ensured alignment with leadership and change squad team to maintain consistent and timely communications.