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Passenger safety, customer service are priority at Delta Airlines – Sefia

Passenger safety, customer service are priority at Delta Airlines – Sefia

Delta Air Lines is the longest-serving U.S. airline to Nigeria and will celebrate its 14th anniversary of flying to the country this December. Heading-up the airline’s sales team in Nigeria is Emuejevoke Sefia, who was one of Delta’s first local employees in 2006. She is one quarter of an all-female sales leadership team in Africa, joining her counterparts in Ghana, Senegal and South Africa – making up the four countries from which Delta flies nonstop to the United States. As Delta approaches its fight anniversary, IFEOMA OKEKE speaks to Sefia about how she rose through the ranks of the airline in Nigeria and where she’ll be traveling to on her next flight.

What attracted you to working at Delta?

I have worked in the travel industry (and the GSA) for many years and when Delta announced it was to start flying to Nigeria, being the GSA Manager at the time I was appointed Manager for the Delta representation. It was a great opportunity to be part of a business from the beginning.

How long have you been at Delta and how did you become the sales manager?

I have worked with or for Delta for 14 years – as long as Delta has been in Nigeria. Having risen through the ranks of the GSA Group’s call center, starting as an executive before becoming the manager, I have always been passionate about my job, some would even call me a workaholic, after the GSA Manager (for the Group) retired, I was appointed to the position. I moved to Delta’s representative office when the nonstop flights began in 2007.

Tell me more about your job.

I head both the Nigeria and Angola offices, providing leadership across many teams, including Sales, Operations, IT, Accounts and HR, ensuring the business runs smoothly and we meet our set goals. I also spend some time with our customers ensuring that everything we do meets or exceeds their expectations, while maintaining our standards and compliance obligations.

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What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is working with my team to meet and exceed our goals. I gain a lot of satisfaction from successfully working through challenges and take strength from my faith to motivate my team to achieve greater things.

What changes have you seen in aviation / travel since you started your career?

There have been lots of changes in the industry since I started my career, many of which have happened because of technological advancements. These include being able to book flights and check-in online. Social media has also changed travel, providing inspiration and information at your fingertips.

What one thing have you learned in your current job above everything else?

Change is constant but people, even though dynamic, are still people making human relationships an integral part of our business.

Why should people choose Delta?

People should choose Delta because of our excellent customer service and commitment to passenger safety. There is no carrier like Delta. I am not saying this because I work for Delta but because it is the truth. The airline takes its roots from its people and holds dearly to that, while also extending this ethos to our customers. This inspires us to provide excellent customer service, which drives every aspect of our business with operational safety the most important. I love Delta, and this passion helps me encourage our customers to also choose Delta.

Where would you like to travel to next?

New Zealand. I have not been there yet, it is on my bucket list.

What are your hobbies? How do you unwind after a busy day?

I love playing with my very young nephew, relaxing at home with my Mum. I am a TV watcher. I also enjoy word games and puzzles. They keep my mind leisurely active as concentrating on these, help me switch off from work.