• Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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I am in the race to change the narrative, rescue Lagos- AAC guber candidate

I am in the race to change the narrative, rescue Lagos- AAC guber candidate

James Adeshina, an internationally trained IT consultant, and entrepreneur, is the African Action Congress (AAC) gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State.

In this exclusive interview with Iniobong Iwok, he speaks on his chances of emerging victorious and why Nigerians should give AAC a chance in the 2023 general election.

Why are you contesting for governor of Lagos State?

I am contesting in Lagos to liberate the people of Lagos from insecurities, lack of developmental growth, unemployment, and poor education.

What would be your priorities if elected?

My party and my team have outlined how we are going to tackle the problems facing Lagos State in all sectors, let me mention a few in some areas.

For example, I plan to use technology to power all sectors such as education, health, infrastructure, transportation and security. Empowering the unemployed and youth of Lagos is one of the priorities of my team.

In education, we are going to introduce electronic learning from primary to higher institutions. Digitizing our schools to meet up with the develop nations

Also, in health, we shall deploy technology for accessible medical information, for better treatments, equipment, and medicine technology will play major roles.

What structure do you have in Lagos to unseat the incumbent Governor?

The structures I have in Lagos are the good people and progressive Lagosians that are determined to move Lagos forward, most importantly the strength of the youth of Lagos state will make me unseat the incumbent Lagos.

I have belonged to several groups in Lagos and also a leader of progressive political stakeholders association with over 400,000 members in Lagos alone. However, my party African Action Congress has structures across the 20 local governments in Lagos state.

The two leading parties have everything going for them, how are you mobilizing at the grassroots?

The grassroots is where politics is being played. Many people at the ward level are yearning for a true change and a liberator to save them from APC and PDP. 2023 will spring up surprises because I am confident that the people of Lagos will vote for me as the next governor of Lagos state.

How has been your experiences in the campaign so far, especially messages from the people?

The encouragement I have gotten from the people is so overwhelming and amazing and it shows that a new Lagos is achievable.

Are you ready to drop your ambition and work with any of the leading candidates towards realizing the Lagos of your dream?

I am not ready to drop my ambition for any candidates. I’m the best man for the job and my people are ready to vote for me.

How ready are you for the antics of the APC and financial challenges ahead of the poll?

The antics of APC will fail this time around. With the INEC BVAS, and technological advancement, vote buying will be a thing of the past; because Lagosians conscience can no longer be bought with money as they will choose the right candidate for the job at pool.

I do not have money bags or the financial capacity or the ruling party but am confident that with the resources on ground and the support of the people, APC will be defeated at the pool.

Few weeks into the presidential poll, who among the candidates is your party supporting?

The party is yet to decide the presidential candidate to support at the pool. We are still consulting and our position shall be communicated to the public in due time.

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Do you think INEC is prepared to conduct credible polls?

INEC is prepared for the election of course but they need to work with political stakeholders to sensitize the people more about BVAS and changes in the electoral process. Nigerians are yearning to participate in the electoral process, but this time around unlike in the past.

The issue of hoodlums attacking INEC offices and staff is another major setback for them, but I hope they are able to work with security agencies to protect life and properties of INEC as well as in the polls.

That needs to be sorted because, security is crucial towards a successful polls next and to avoid a repeat of the past where apathy is high among the electorates.

How long have you been in politics?

I have been in politics since 2010. During this period, I have held various leadership positions within the party, in my constituency, ward and in the state.